California Bound!

As usual, the girls and I got off to a very late start on our road trip yesterday.  We kept loading and loading and loading the van until there was very little left in the house and very little room left I the van for us! (We are girls you know!)

I had fun playing road games with my girls.  A big favorite was the “State Game”.  I had picked up a pack of state flashcards so KT started quizzing us.  Mimi wasn’t too interested in the game until she amazingly started to beat the pants off me.  Now, she actually knows her state capitals pretty well.  I guess we are going to do flowers today or something…

As we drove late into the night (we had to make up for our late start) I couldn’t help but think of all the times that my mom drove with my baby brother and I to see our grandparents in Texas.  It was a bit of an odd feeling…in a full circle kind of way. 

Plans for today are to go slower and see the Giant Redwoods. 

KT has more details on her blog….she can type while I’m driving.  I’m almost afraid to see what that kid wrote about!

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