French for Pie

Some nights, (ok…a lotof nights) dinner just seems like such a hassle to make.  Especially if we are just coming in from a long, activity filled day.  Sometimes you just have to take little shortcuts.  Like the pre-cooked vegetarian quiche they had at Costco the other day.  It wasn’t your typical yummy, but really horrible for you, stuff.  It was made with whole wheat flour in the crust and egg whites for the filling.  It sounded like a winner to me, so I grabbed a package of them for when we had another of those long days. 

That day didn’t take too long to arrive (besides, I was curious as to how it would be)  When it was time for dinner, I served a wedge of the quiche to my little darlings as the main course.  Mimi gave it a sideways look and suspiciously asked what it was. I was then that I suddenly remembered that Mimi thinks she hates quiche.  I answered her with the most logical thing I could come up with.  “It’s Mushroom Pie”.   Her entire face perked up at the pie part.  Then she wanted to know what pie tasted like with mushrooms in it.  I informed her that it wasn’t sweet like she was probably expecting.  This was the type of pie that the French eat for dinner. 

Not being of huge fan of trying new things, Mimi poked and prodded at the pie for a moment before she dubiously took a small bite.  She must have liked it as she took another, much larger bite.  Just about that time, Shaun surprised us by coming home earlier than usual.  He took one glance at our pie and asked if there was enough quiche left for him.  Mimi proudly corrected him by informing him that we were having mushroom pie, not that yucky quiche.  Shaun, who doesn’t know French, argued back that it was quiche.  A little funny looking…but still quiche.  

Somehow, Mimi figured out that pie means quiche in French. (Hey, I took Spanish!) Then our little Prima Dona refused to eat another bite.  This was despite that fact that she had liked it when it was still Mushroom Pie. 

Sigh…sometimes taking the easy way out for dinner isn’t always so easy.  Anyone up for some leftover mushroom pie?

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