I am now a Cityblogger!

You can visit my new Blog here!  

I first heard about Cityblogging about a month ago when I spotted the ParisDailyPhoto on Saz’s blog. For some reason, the idea really appealed to me.  I tried to convince myself that this really wasn’t the thing for me.  I’m not really much of a photographer.  I have commitment issues.  I don’t really like going into Seattle.  Whine, whine, whine.  I stillwanted to do it.  I finally decided that I was going to go for it.  Then I noticed that someone else had just started a Seattle Photo Blog.  My hopes were dashed. 

I moped about for a few days and thought to myself what a big city we live in.  I posted in the comments on the new blog and asked her to please email me.  I wanted to ask what she thought about having another city blogger in “her turf”.  She responded in her comments that she would email me soon.  Then promptly blew me off.  (In all fairness, I’m sure she probably just forgot, but I still hate her! I’m petty like that!!! Joking…I’m just joking….)

Anyways, I emailed Eric in Paris (how cool is that!) and I am now officially a Daily photo blogger! OK, so I’m still floundering about how to add the blogroll thingy and all that, but… 

Now I think all my Shutterbug friends (the ones with the real talent) should start up one too.  I doubledogdareya!


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