Laser and Light Show

Yesterday was spent prowling around the San Diego area visiting our old haunts and marveling at how much everything has changed in the past few years.  I guess it’s for the good of the city but it’s a hard pill to swallow to see all the homes and businesses ioccupying what used to be open fields. 

Towards evening we went out to the Viejas Casino to have dinner and see the Laser and Light show that my folks had been raving about.  The girls were so excited to be able to pass through the casino and see all the slot machines and card gamers in action. KT, who is becoming a bit of a shutterbug was rather disappointed at all the signs that prohibited photography.  (So was her mother.  In fact her mother was very upset to find that her camera had been on the wrong setting and came out pretty horrible.  But she’ll share anyways!).


Before the show the dancer of the show “The Legend of Nightfire” came out to pose with anyone that wanted a photo with him.  Of course I took one, but like I said, it’s not so great…


The show was really incredible. I glanced at Mimi a couple times and she was just staring with her mouth hanging open. Although when it was over and Gma asked if she liked it, all she could come up with was a non-commital “I don’t know”. This morning she was all excited about it though….


Apparently the girls were just exhausted from their busy day as they fell asleep almost as soon as they were buckled into the car.  It was a good day.


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3 Responses to Laser and Light Show

  1. Jay says:

    The first time I ever went to a casino was in Reno and I ran into the same problem of no photography. In fact, I was in a small one and was about take a picture and some guy in a suit appeared out of no where and stopped me from taking the pic. I really have no idea where he came from.

    As for the laser shows I have been to Vegas a few times and those laser shows and stuff are just amazing. Really cool technology.

  2. Chelle P. says:

    First off, the girls are so sweet in their sleeping pic! Love it.

    Brent and I eloped to Vegas for our wedding and we hired a photographer. She was soooo smooth. She said, “Okay. We’re going in the casino and you’re going to sit side by side on stools, grab the slot machine handles and fake a surprised face like you won. I’ll snap the shot. Then you’ll do another quickie where you’re smiling. I’ll snap that shot and then we’ll book it outta there! Ready? GO!”

    I swear we were in and out of there before anyone even noticed. And there you have it. Two really great casino shots done in about 2.9 nanoseconds! LOL

  3. Claire says:

    Looks like you had a great time! I love the photo with the fountain and lights! It’s fab!

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