My very first MeME

The Oddmix  has tagged me to do the Fives Meme.  I’ve been told that a Meme is something that is all about Me! Me!  (If anyone knows any different, please enlighten me)

 Five items in my freezer
I chose the downstairs garage freezer as it was closer to peek into:
1. Otter-pops –for some reason these are way better than Popsicles
2. Scissors—to open them with
3. A completely ice covered corned beef—I think it was from March of 05  eeewwww
4. Coffee beans—HAVE to keep these in stock
5. Rodents—otherwise known as snake food
Five items in the closet:
So many closets…how am I supposed to choose which one? I’ll take the one in my bedroom
1. My wedding dress—originally belonging to my mom, made by her mom
2. Shaun’s old ties—otherwise known as fort building rope
3. A couple jewelry boxes—one from my Uncle when I was little and one that belonged to my grandmother
4. A big Ziploc bag of pennies—no idea why that’s there
5. Clothes and shoes—half of which we don’t wear
Five items in the car
1. Mr.Trashbag—he’s supposed to eat all the trash, but he misses out sometimes.
2. Pop—it’s the only place I drink it…and usually warm
3. A duffel of martial art weapons
4. A blanket
5. My Starbucks gift card—and punch cards from various
6. Napkins—I need to always have loads of napkins in the glove compartment.
Five items in my backpack
How about I just tell you what’s in my purse?
1 My Wall Eye—it’s from a dumb lounge act about fish…(my wallet)
2. Keys—can’t go anywhere without those
3. My cell phone—in its pretty pink case Mimi got for me
4. Journal and pens—or at least some sort of
5 Tylenol 
Five people I tag:
Hmmmm….How about
1. Chelle…’cause she needs something silly to relax her
2.Saz…’cause I’m dying to know her secrets
3. Kell…I like finding out about her
4. Newt…mostly because her name makes me happy
5. CrazyrideLady…because you never know what she’ll say next

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