San Diego Zoo

Jay asked me if we were going to pay a visit to the World Famous San Diego Zoo (I’m not sure if it really is world famous or not, but I’ve always willingly bought into the propaganda) We’re not, but I thought I would tell you a little story about it.

I don’t really remember going to the zoo very often growing up here. Oh, we would take out of town guests that were dying to go (maybe it really is world famous?) and it was a standard school field trip. Other than that, it never really was that big of a thing for me.

When I was working as a waitress in Seaport Village, I became friends with the handsome bartender that worked in the lounge upstairs. One day we got to chatting and decided that we would get together and explore the zoo on the next Tuesday, which was our one shared day off.

We met up at the agreed upon time outside the main gate. My friend had already purchased our tickets so we were ready to head on in. (I later found out that he considered us on a date. I thought we were just having a fun adventure). Now my idea of exploring the zoo was to mosey around and just go where the wind takes me, reading each sign and observing the animals. His idea was to make it to every single exhibit in a certain order. I would start to read the signs and he would just tell m what they said, including the proper Latin names. Plus he added in all sorts of extra information that he had gleaned from outside sources. This is when first realized just how scary smart my goofy bartender friend really was. I couldn’t quite decide if I was annoyed or fascinated or something else all together. I think I finally settled on being amused.

Over eighteen years later, when I head out on a new adventure with that same handsome friend, we still have the same attitude about how to explore something. We’ve had to make a lot of compromises along the way, but I am almost always amused.

Going to the World Famous San Diego Zoo without him just wouldn’t be the same. I’d hate to have to start reading the signs now…

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8 Responses to San Diego Zoo

  1. Wow – what a romantic story! How come guys ALWAYS think you’re either flirting or on a date when women think most times they’re being just “friendly” or out on a “friendly” get together?

  2. Jay says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwe … how sweet. I love zoos. But, I just wander around like you. Sometimes I read the signs and sometimes I just watch the animals that are usually just watching me. haha

  3. Susan's Husband says:

    Hey, I am NOT GOOFY!

  4. Claire says:

    If it helps we’ve heard of the San Diego zoo in England…not sure that qualifies it as world famous as I couldn’t tell you anything about it but I have heard of it. Hope you have a great time

  5. Betty says:

    Very sweet story. I’d love to see that zoo. In fact, I’d love to see all of San Diego.

  6. Peggy says:

    I love love love the San Diego Zoo. Because of where I live, I haven’t been there for 21 years. Then my middle boy was a small infant and in one of those front carriers. The chimps were fascinated by me and my baby and stared at us through their window for ages.

  7. Chelle P. says:

    Oh I love smooshy stories! How sweet.

    I like to think I explore the zoo both ways. I start out reading the maps and signs, but by mid-day, I’m terribly tired of all that order and precision and I start just wandering around. It can be really fun!

    Hope you’re having a great vacation.

  8. oddmix says:

    The problem with recognizing personal goofiness, Shaun, is that, when viewed from your of your goofy perspective, your goofiness seems perfectly normal.

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