Shop 'Til You Drop

I think that I must be one of the only women left in America that can’t stand shopping.  Even as a young teen, I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about.  Needless to say, I’m not a Fashion Diva.  Clothes are just something you wear to keep most of the rain off of you. 

I’ve tried to teach my children in the ways of my non-fashion, yet somehow, I have failed.  They fight over the latest issues of Teen Vogue and Cosmo Girl when the mailman delivers them.  Together they dream, giggle and compare the latest styles.  And always, they want to go shopping.  I honestly don’t know what I’ve done wrong.

I put it off as long as I possibly could.  Yet, it seemed as though it could wait no longer as buttons were starting to pop and it appeared as though they were waiting for floods.  It was time for Back to School Shopping.  The girls were so excited to go shopping, they could barely fall asleep.  The silly things had looked up the opening time of the mall and were determined to be the first ones in. 

When morning arrived, I woke up early as I usually do.  This morning though, I was as silent as a mouse.  If I heard one of them stirring, I immediately started humming their favorite childhood lullaby.  I did anything I could think of to keep them asleep.  Yet their determination to shop was stronger than I had imagined. Sigh…we arrived at the mall shortly after it opened.  The girls were prepared to “shop ‘til they dropped”…or at least until I dropped.  Fortunately, a month ago I had the foresight to cleverly make dental appointments in the middle of our shopping day. It was just heart rending when we had to abruptly end our day.  (Everyone is cavity free!)

The sad thing about this shopping day is that we still need to get a few things.  So guess what we’ll be doing tomorrow?  Sigh…

At least they are still young…maybe I can still teach them my very own non-fashion….

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8 Responses to Shop 'Til You Drop

  1. Oh you clever girl – DENTAL VISITS to distract them! I would never have thought of it.

  2. Peggy says:

    You hit a chord there my dear! I’ll tell you what curred me of my attitude of “shopping as an activity” was a trip to some poor countries. The shops there were one of two things, stuff you needed to get by and the tourist stuff. The contrast was embarassing. People bought things because they needed to eat, wear or use them. The tourist stuff was gaudy and not needed. For the locals there was none of the getting stuff just because you liked it or was more fashionable than the perfectly good stuff you have at home. I now wear my clothes until they are worn out. Then I go and buy new ones. No more buying “cute stuff” either. If I don’t NEED it, it can be admired in the shop. I save SO much money by not shopping. The house is less cluttered too. I like to look stylish, but I’m not floored if I’m not the most fashionable person in the room. When I’m at home, I’m at home and probably ignoring the gardening or housework. As long as what I’m wearing is clean and has no scandal making holes, I’m good.

  3. Jay says:

    I too don’t like to shop. And, my clothes don’t take up much room in my closet. I am one of the least fashionable people I’ve ever known.

    The greatest thing about the growth of the internet is that I can do so much of my shopping online. No crowds, no waiting, no screaming kids. It’s great!

  4. Betty says:

    We should go shopping together, sometime. It would set a record for the shortest shopping trip on record. I hate to shop, too.

  5. mjd says:

    Thanks for stopping by my site. I am usually not a shopper either. Sometimes quaint little shops in some artist colony can be fun. However, going to the mall for hours of shopping is almost as torturous as the dentist. You are right in saying, “Clothes are just something you wear to keep most of the rain off of you.”

  6. Kell says:

    I can shop, but I don’t like clothes shopping. Mostly because the fashions just hideous right now, aren’t they? If you aren’t in your early 20s and have any curves at all and don’t want to show your tummy, there’s nothing for you to wear. It’s very sad. Plus, it’s still in the lower 80s here. Who wants to try on a bunch of Fall clothes right now?

  7. Susan says:

    If Kell is the only one out there shopping….

  8. Peggy's Mom says:

    Say wot they will, I did something right when I raised that kid…maybe it was just getting out of her way.

    Anyway, I hate to shop, too. Total drag! But I love me little horse shirts, an me adorable socks with alligators on em (an the alligators have bows around their necks). I am not totally without commercial lusts…..

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