Some Men Never Learn

Shaun and I were still lying in bed chatting about this and that.  He was ready to leave about the time I started telling him something about my earring.  He just looked at me for a short moment and then interrupted me asking me why I possibly thought he would care about my earring. 

I just stared back at him in complete and utter amazement.  After so many years together, he should just know that saying such a thing would be completely and totally unacceptable.  The Foolish Man, however, apparently took my silence as encouragement to continue on.  As he continued to pontificate about how my earring was at the very bottom of his list of priorities, beneath even the amoebas that swim in slime, I silently fumed.  

I’m sure that he meant to be funny, but knowing him as well as I do, I also know that he was serious about the message.  Now, it’s perfectly ok to not give a rat about what I have to say…but as stated in the bylaws our marriage, he must not ever, ever let me know that he isn’t hanging on every word that I utter.  I’ve excused numerous eye rolls, yawns and sighs over the years, but this was just too blatant to ignore.

Shaun must have realized his folly by this point.  He had abruptly stopped speaking in mid-word.  He knows that look I get on my face when I am not pleased and usually runs in terror.  The words that were coming out of his mouth by this point were “Oh No! I’ve really screwed up this time!!” I, of course, had nothing to say to him.  In fact, I had nothing to say to him for over an hour (which is pretty much the longest I can stay mad at anyone) I went from plotting my revenge to becoming mildly amused at his groveling. I finally forgave him…kinda….

Now added to the bylaws of our marriage contract are my rights to tell him that I don’t care about his frequent babblings instead of just yawning through them as before. And he gets to listen attentively to my every word…and buy me new earrings whenever I want. 

This could be fun.

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9 Responses to Some Men Never Learn

  1. Peggy says:

    Ooh – that was harsh! I know that we can babble on about silly things, but really, to be so rude was uncalled for. Then he put the icing on by being proud of it! If you get a chance to use his own weapon against him, please let me know.

  2. Jay says:

    Boy he really stepped in it this time. hahaha

  3. oddmix says:

    Shaun, Shaun, Shaun! *shaking head* Whatever were you thinking?

  4. Betty says:

    Your by-laws seem pretty basic. Maybe he needs some retraining. 🙂

  5. Becca says:

    We had a similar moment this weekend. It was a case of the shoe being on the other foot. I “ssshhhushed” him during a t.v. show. And boy did I catch hell for it. Even though not only do I get shhhushed, but I get the volume turned up when it’s him that is interested in what is on tv. It’s funny how it’s the little things like that that seem to set us off. Usually the bigger things we are rational about. But that’s what makes marriage such an adventure. And one we wouldn’t trade for all the earrings or silence in the world.

  6. Kell says:

    “he must not ever, ever let me know that he isn’t hanging on every word that I utter” That’s great. I often tease Al that I don’t understand why my interests are my own, but his have to be both of ours. Men.

  7. Susan says:

    I figure he’s allowed one big mistake every ten years. The first one was believing me when I said that he didn’t need to get me a gift on our first Christmas together…he always spoils me rotten now.

    As of this week, He LOVES to listen to babble!! (yeah right!)

  8. John says:

    Sorry.. what were you saying?… were you talking to me?

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