WWC Chill and Relieve

wwc1.jpg Over in The Odd Mix’s  part of the world, it’s been hot, hot, hot.  So he’s looking for a way to chill and to be relieved from the heat. 

You should be able to click on the pictures to view them bigger.  My week’s words:



Somebody has been keeping the freezer full of Otterpops in an effort to always have something cold and tasty around. 



Thanks to modern day medicine,  I have been relieved of my suffering.  (how’s that for being overly dramatic?)

In an hour or so the girls and I (and WAY too much stuff will pile into the Mom Mobile and head down the 5 towards sunny San Diego.  Don’t worry though, I’ll still be around!

JAMES!!! contact us…the girls are dying to meet up with you if possible!

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9 Responses to WWC Chill and Relieve

  1. Jay says:

    popscilces are great on a hot summer day. And, too many of those pills can relieve a peroson too much! LOL Have fun in San Diego. Great town!

  2. Hope you’re posting pics of your trip?

  3. Sue says:

    The ice pop picture is very nice! What color! And we eat them every day in this heat. Great pics!

  4. I LOVE freezies (as we call them here in mid-Minnesota). Great photos, have a great trip!!

  5. graymama says:

    Have fun! Now I must go and get a popsicle from the freezer 🙂 Nice pics!

  6. Kell says:

    Now I’m craving those freezer pops! Those are great pictures. And I’ve learned that when you need to take something, you do it. I hate having to take anything, so I always put it off, and I’ve suffered needlessly because of it.

    Those are great pictures, btw. And very clever.

    Have fun in San Diego.

  7. oddmix says:

    My kids looooooove freezer pops. But they get so hyped up on the coloring and corn syrup that we almost never buy them.

    I am glad you found relief! Neither migraines not tooth abceses are any fun at all, I know.

  8. Chelle P. says:

    We call ’em freezies here in Canada too and I love the colours and composition of that pic!

  9. Kristina says:

    Mmmm…freezies! That’s a great photo!!

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