Adventures in Dishwashing

Last night we left the girls home alone for an hour or so while we went to the Open House at the school.  When we got home, the first thing I saw was a pile of bathroom towels on the kitchen floor in front of the dishwasher.  Apparently the girls had a bit of an adventure in the short time we were gone!

One of Mimi’s new chores for this school year is to clean up the kitchen after dinner.  She had gotten everything cleaned up, put soap in the dishwasher and started it.  It wasn’t too long after that before she noticed big foaming mounds of bubbles creeping out of the dishwasher. 

Realizing that she had probably put too much soap in, she quickly turned off the dishwasher.  The she grabbed a bowl and started bailing out the soapy water.  Then she started the dishwasher once again (with no soap) and cleaned up her mess.   What a trouper! 

The only way I knew that there had been a problem was the soggy towels on the floor that she hadn’t gotten to yet.  Well, that and her sister gleefully telling us that Mimi used too much soap!

Being the wise woman that I am (and after years of washing dishes) I knew that there had to be something else going on with my trusty machine as too much dishwasher soap shouldn’t cause a problem.  At least not that big of a problem. In my best diagnostic manner, I felt around the moving parts of the machine and just shrugged. It all seemed fine to me.  Then I asked my child to show me exactly what she had done when she had started the machine.  She told me that she put the soap in and then, to show me how, grabbed the “Super Concentrated” Dawn Dish Soap from the kitchen sink….

Trust me….unless you want your own little adventure, stick with soap made for dishwashers.  Or at least use the cheap stuff that doesn’t put out any bubbles! 

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  1. Peggy says:

    Bless their little hearts! We all make mistakes and putting the wrong soap in the dishwasher isn’t the worst thing they could have done while you were gone. You know that they know now and will do it right next time. Thankfully you’ve just told the world and Mimi’s mistake is now an international incident!

  2. Jay says:

    I actually did this just a couple of weeks ago. I did it without even thinking. Luckily I realized what I did and cleaned the liquid out and put the correct soap in before starting it.

    Poor kid. I’m sure her sister isn’t piling on at all too. Right? haha

  3. Chelle P. says:

    LOL! What a good girl to clean it up. 🙂

  4. Becca says:

    I can just hear her “Mom you not going to blog about this are you????” while the other one is saying “Blog about it, blog about it.” too cute.

  5. annie says:

    Like Jay I’ve done this before – and I had mounds of bubbles on my kitchen floor too. It was almost magical. It did take me a long time to clean everthing up so imagine your Mimi must have worked and worked to get all those bubbles off the floor. She really did two chores that night – the dishes and cleaning the kitchen floor. What a gal!

  6. mjd says:

    You have trained a young problem solver. What a good job of parenting.

  7. Susan says:

    You know…I’m so proud of her for both doing the orginal chore in the first place…without having to be nagged to death. And for cleaning up the mess.

    Although, she did ‘fess up that the only reason that she had cleaned it up so well was because she didnt’ want me to find out about it! I guess she forgot about her bratty big sister!

  8. Freakazojd says:

    LMAO – I thought that only happened on TV! 😉

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