Frozen Elixir of the Gods

I have a bit of a confession to make.  We are a family of addicts.  Yes, I know, it’s an ugly word.   But it’s true.  Usually, we can keep it under control, but there is something about the summer months that the call towards this obsession is just too strong to deny.  The shocking truth is…well…we love Otter Pops. 

Last night was a horrible night, the unthinkable happened.  KT went to the freezer to get us our nightly icy treat and realized that we had somehow managed to run out.  She desperately searched in the bottom of the container and all around the freezer to no avail.  She sat, stunned for a moment, and then went wailing to her father. Now, in reality, Mimi and I can easily go without, but KT and her father are the ones with the serious addiction.  They even keep a pair of scissors in the freezer in order to easily snip open each pop.  To have an empty freezer simply wouldn’t do.  In a heartbeat they had jumped in the Jeep and headed to the store to get another fix some more.  

The good news was that the store had some in stock.  The bad news was that they were not frozen. So they had to wait. And wait.  And then wait some more.  In case you were wondering, it takes a really long time to freeze entire box of 100 Otter Pops.   (Personally, I would have just set a few pops in there for an emergency fix, but this wasn’t my project.) Finally we had to send poor KT to bed without her Otter Pops.  

The first thing KT wanted to do when she got up the next morning was have an Otter Pop or two.  I didn’t quite have the heart to deny her this one small thing.  When Shaun woke up a little while later, he told us that he had done some research about Otter Pops while he was waiting for them to freeze.  (Just remember that I never mentioned the word pathetic)  He had found out all sorts of useless interesting trivia.  How the company came to be, the biographies of the characters (they have characters?) and even a music video! Who knew?

When he finlly finished telling us these little tidbits, KT mentioned that she was hungry.  She said that all she had eaten was a few Otter Pops and that didn’t count as food.  He father was shocked. “How can you say that?” He roared.  “You have just eaten the Frozen Elixir of the Gods!”

Did I happen to mention that there is a slight addiction going on here?  Still, I can’t help but wonder if Zeus and Apollo aren’t just nodding their heads in agreement.  After all, they are quite wonderful on a hot summer night.

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