Like, totally grody fer sure!

The girls have been dressing up all week for Spirit Week at their school.  They’ve had “comfy cozy” day where they got to go in their PJ’s, “Crazy Day” where anything goes, and “College Day” when most of the school wore either purple or red.  Today seems to be the most exciting for the girls…it’s “80’s Day”. 

For some unknown reason, KT is really into this.  As soon as she came home from school yesterday, she was online valley-girls5.jpgresearching the long lost 80’s.  She finally declared herself an expert and got to work creating her look.  First the girls had to dig through our “dress up box” to see what remnants of mine could be put to good use.  I endured peals of laughter as they tried on my old outfits.  “Did you really wear this?!” they laughed over and over again.  I probably should’ve been offended, but I couldn’t help but laugh with them, some of those outfits were pretty comical.  I did love them at one time though which is why I kept them. (See, it’s a good thing I’m a packrat as my junk stuff is coming in handy now)

Somehow I ended up ripping an old t-shirt up into something out of Flashdancing  (not that my kids know what that is) I had to draw the line at ripping up the soccer socks to make them look like leg-warmers though.  We settled for layered socks.   I had to braid hair so that in the morning, they would have that “crimped” look.  It didn’t matter to them when I explained that I spend nearly an hour every morning with my hot rollers to get the perfect “big hair” and rarely ever had a side pony tail.  KT was the expert and knew exactly how it was back then!

Finally they had their looks down just how they wanted them.  KT was like, totally into it.  Mimi was mostly into the hair and lots of blue eye makeup.  (she never gets to wear make up, so she takes every opportunity she can to use it)  I had fun decorating lunch sacks with Valley Girl expressions.  I hope they have like a totally radical day.  Don’t they look, like totally AWESOME! 


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