More Hairy Adventures

I know, I know…I was supposed to make an appointment to get my hair fixed after yesterday’s fiasco, but I simply didn’t have time for that.  I had to be at the school all day today and meet a bunch of people for the first time. They say first impressions count the most, and I didn’t want to be forever known as the “Skunk Woman”.

Instead, I found myself re-doing my hair at six o’clock this morning.  I had found a nice, quiet color called “brown spice”.  On the package it looked pretty close to my original color. (parts of which you could still see) Its main purpose was to cover “even the most stubborn gray hairs”.  It made perfect sense to me that if it could cover them, it would cover my Skunk Markings. 

After I applied the gooey concoction I started searching the instruction sheet for a time chart.  Much to my dismay, there wasn’t one!  What kind of crazy product was this?  They are always supposed to give you easy directions you could read while the product is working.  With this brand, you were supposed to snip off a bit of your hair and do a test to see how long to leave it on.  (Apparently you were also supposed to do an allergy test as well)  Obviously it was too late for that, so I had to make a wild guess. 

I set the timer for thirty minutes as it seemed to be a nice round number.  Then I asked the girls to keep an eye on my skunk spots and to let me know when they matched the rest of my hair.  They looked at the back of my head then hesitantly asked it I was trying to be a redhead.  That wasn’t really the answer I was looking for.  I had to go investigate. After some angling, I managed to gawk in the mirror and was astounded to find that I now had some vivid red streaks where I used to have skunk blotches. I could already tell that this was going to be a very long thirty minutes. 

I’m now a redhead.  Well, kind of.  I don’t have Mimi’s beautiful red curls or KT’s strawberry blonde  tresses (Although, I was once that color before age and lack of sunlight darkened it) What I have now it a bit like dark brown hair with a red rinse over it. I think I need to get a punk hair cut to make it work.  Sigh… 

Shaun, brilliant man that he is, told me that it looks better than it did before the Skunk Do and even before my original color.  He says that my hair has character now. I know that he meant it in a good way, but I’m not quite sure what that means yet.  At least nobody was embarrassed to be seen with me and I didn’t notice any strange looks being shot my way.  Or at least I didn’t catch them at it!

Hmmm….I wonder what color I should try tomorrow….

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10 Responses to More Hairy Adventures

  1. Susan's Husband, Shaun says:

    It’s actually pretty subtle. But I haven’t seen it in sunlight yet…

  2. My sister once spent three days moving between her bedroom and the bathroom trying to fix her hair disaster. After three different attempts I think my favorite color was the light green.

  3. Jay says:

    MY neighbor tried to do some kind of hair coloring thing a few months ago and it turned out a light shade of purple. The next day it was black …. VERY black. So, I guess black always covers everything? That’s probably what I would do.

    Like I’m Mr. Hair expert. hahahaha

  4. Tink says:

    What, no pictures? Come on… I’ll try to dig out some of my highlighter yellow head from 3 years ago.

  5. annie says:

    I enjoyed reading the continuing saga. Thank you for sharing – and thanks to your husband for his comments too.

  6. Chelle P. says:

    YES! Pictures would be good. 🙂 If I ever get a scanner, I’ll post my before hair fell off pictures and the after all cut off pictures! Unfortunately, I don’t have pics of the clown hair colours. Too bad.

    Glad it’s fixed…sort of. We’ll have to see what Shaun says after you hit the sunlight!

  7. Okay – DON’T TRY ANYTHING ELSE! I’m afraid your hair will fall out. Just let it wash out. This is making me very nervous.

  8. Susan says:

    I did mean to take some pictures…but Shaun didn’t get up early enough and I couldn’t quite see the back of my head. So…it’s all Shaun’s fault. Sorry!

    Don’t worry Saz..I’m done…for now. The light green sounds interesting though…

  9. Becca says:

    I have to say it too: Pictures!

  10. Kell says:

    Highlights can be so scary. Mine have turned orange before. I have to admit, I won’t do anything at home on my own any more. I even had Al budget my “hair expenses.” Hey, it keeps me happy, and that keeps him happy!

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