A New Word

A week or so ago, Shaun told me that he had a new word that he wanted to start using. He had heard somebody else say it and he thought it was just a really great word.  Now, before I go any farther with this, I need to let you know that Shaun has a very extensive vocabulary.  He delights in finding the perfect word to express whatever it is that he is saying.  (I, on the other hand, have no qualms about making up a word to fit the situation…it drives Shaun nuts)  He knows all sorts of Latin and Greek and whatever root words and amuses himself by playing with them.  So, I’m sure you can understand that I was expecting a doozy of a word.  When he told me what the word was, I just snorted at him and told him that he would sound quite pompous  (said in a stuffy upper crust English accent) if he started using that all the time…especially if said with the accent.  (In all fairness, the accent was entirely my idea)

Evidently, Shaun forgot all about using the word because I didn’t hear him using it at all. Of course, being the good wife that I am, I realized that that it was my wifely duty to remind him of it by incorporating it’s usage into my own daily vocabulary.  Evidently, he didn’t think much of that idea. 

“Hey! That’s my word! You can’t say that!”  he bellowed.  Hmmm…that was a fun reaction.  Although, even after nearly twenty years of marriage, he evidently forgot that I can’t stand being told what I can and can’t do. 

I have been accused of being contrary a time or two in my life.  I’ve never really agreed with that, but evidently there is a small grain of truth to it.  It has now become my task to encourage the world to overuse this word.  Evidently, my mission is having some effect.  Why, just last night I overheard one of the girls saying, “Daddy, you have evidently forgotten that you were coming up to kiss my goodnight” 

What a feeling of wonderful satisfaction….

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10 Responses to A New Word

  1. oddmix says:

    Evidently, the word in question is “evidently”?

  2. Tink says:

    What’s the word?! Aw crap. Now I’m going to keep thinking about it. lol.

  3. Jay says:

    Evidently, this is a word that we could all squeeze into our daily vocabulary. But, evidently, this would not make Shaun happy, as it was his word. Well, evidently he’ll just have to pick a different word as “his word” now.

  4. mjd says:

    Surely the word is not evidently. I remember when ubiquitous was quite the rage. As the word became ubiquitous, people started to shift their word paradigm. Now, I think that people become angered by paradigm shifts or angered by even hearing the term paradigm shift. I used the word myriad in an e-mail once and angered my boss.

    I am sorry, but I like new words too. Harbinger and burgeoning are two of my favorites. I always felt that throwing a few big words into my high school term papers would increase my grade even when I had no idea what I was saying.

  5. Kell says:

    My hubby gets stuck on some words, too. Outstanding was his favorite for quite a while. He has some words he uses at work, but I just ignore those and tell him he’s at home now, so speak like a human being.

  6. gawilli says:

    Like mjd, I remember when paradigm was the buzz word of the day. I still hate that word. The word ubiquitous was used in an article willi and I read shortly after the school year started in reference to student dress codes. I had to look it up to make sure it meant what I thought it did. Evidently works well for me as a favorite word…at least I don’t have to look that one up!

  7. Ch3ll3 says:

    Evidently this post has created an interesting reaction with some people. It evidently prompts folks to think of and/or use a word or two they remember being popular, or perhaps a word or two they don’t care for. Personally, I dislike irregardless. It’s not a word but evidently a bastardization of one. I do, however, greatly enjoy wibbly. It’s not a word either but one I’m trying to get added to the dictionary. It’s general meaning is “feeling unwell”… as in… “I’m feeling wibbly”. Evidently it’s difficult to get new words added unless one can get many people using them but that’s not gonna stop me! Evidently, I’m a bit stubborn (and silly!!).

  8. coffespaz says:

    In my house, that’s called “sass”. Evidently, anything that I say that could be considered ‘contrary’, as you put it, is considered “sass”. Of course, what he doesn’t realize is that the more he playfully accuses me of being sassy, the more I am!! They just don’t learn do they?

  9. Susan says:

    Evidently you guys all have the same wicked sense of humour thqt I do!

    Shaun says that his NEW favorite word will be “reprobate”…hmmm, that one is a little harder to work in to daily conversation, but I do love a challenge (tee hee)

  10. Newt says:

    Ok, I admit it took me the whole blog to figure out the word. Then I had to check the comments to make sure I got it. Evidently I’m a little slow.

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