My Favorite Place

Mimi loves poetrty. So when she was assigned to write a poem about her favorite place in the world she went at it eagerly. I thought the end result turned out nicely so I’m sharing it with you. Aren’t you lucky?


Tall green palm trees swaying in the wind

The warm sun melting ice cream cones

The blue waves crashing all around me

The burning hot sand squishing between my toes

The smell of ocean salt filling up my nose

The feel of a sunburn forming on my skin

Relaxing picnics at Balboa Park

Fun and exciting meals at Corvette Diner

Visits with old friends and family

Seeing the same house I used to live in

Fixing up my grandparents’ old white house

Spending the nights in my grandparents’ RV

Seeing memories on every street corner

Seeing the parks I used to play at

Remembering the school I used to go to

Seeing things, smelling things that I love

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