Our Little Princess

One of my children left some of her uneaten lunch in her backpack.  Then she carelessly left the aromatic backpack on the floor when we all left the house for a few hours.  That poor backpack never even had a chance.  I’m sure they tried (at least for a few minutes) but our two starving hounds couldn’t stave off the alluring temptation of a leftover peanut butter sandwich and some orange peels.  We came home to binders, pencils, papers and a shredded pack strewn across the front room.  Grinning nervously at us sat two very sheepish dogs.

Fortunately for my child, this backpack was on its third year.  It made it much easier for me to fork out the bucks for a new one.  Unfortunately for my child, backpacks at the end of September are pretty much limited to the ones marked down seventy five percent.  Cheap, but oh so ugly! The first store we stopped at gave her a choice between the “Duff Stuff” and the “Fantastic Four”.  The next stop gave us a few more choices.  We finally settled on a very sturdy pack with all sorts of nifty pockets and features. It also came with a very fancy price tag, but I figured it could last through college and beyond. 

On our way to the cash register, my girl stopped dead in her tracks.  She had noticed a soft pink glow coming from a different aisle.  Mesmerized, she slowly followed the glow,  when she realized what it was, gave out a whoop of delight.  Much to my astonishment, she had found her dream backpack. It was a glittery, hot pink Disney princess backpack.  It even came with a matching lunch bag and a mirror.  Her only concern was that it might not be thick enough to hold all of her stuff and that it was on wheels.  Only dweebs used wheeled backpacks.  (But it was perfectly OK to use a pack designed for a second grader?)


The next morning she eagerly headed off to school with her new pack.  It was a huge hit!  All of her friends (and even some strangers) adored it. Maybe it is true that junior high is a lot different now than when I was a kid. 

I’m guessing I’ll have to go out and find her a tiara to wear to school next.

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