The Pumpkin Poll

Yesterday, it suddenly occurred to us that it was nearly Halloween and horror of horrors, we didn’t have any pumpkins to carve!  As it was turning out to be a beautiful fall day, bright blue skies with just a hint of chill in the air, we decided that we would go to one of the local pumpkin patch/corn mazes and make a fun afternoon of it. 

About half an hour later, it started to rain.  I think we all collectively sighed before we shrugged our shoulders.  The rains have definitely started and it doesn’t slow a true  Seattlite down for long.  Then it started to hail.  Evidently we weren’t destined to go to a pumpkin patch.  Instead, we hit one of the even more local pumpkin patches that have been set up in front of every grocery store around.

Our next mission was to carve the pumpkins.  KT begged us all to clean the guts out of her pumpkin for her.  All those stingy, slimy guts gross her out.  Of course, realizing it was much fun to watch her, nobody agreed to help her out.  (Was that bad?) The rest of us quickly cleaned ours out and set to work.  Everyone had their own idea of how the perfect Jack O’ Lantern should look. 

When we were done, we all naturally thought our own was the Bestest of the Best.  I guess it’s a little tough to have a contest when it’s only us voting.  We thought that maybe we could put a little poll on the front porch and have the Trick or Treaters tell us what they thought.  Then realizing that certain family members weren’t above cheating, we decided to put the vote up on the blog. 

So…please vote for your very favorite pumpkin carving! (If you pick me I’ll be sure to slip you some extra of the good candy!) That includes you lurkers out there too!


I don’t know if it’s me or WordPress, but I can’t get this poll to work.  Please click here so you can vote for my pumpkin!!

Which pumpkin do you like the best?
  A) Starry Starry Night
  B) Mr. Happy
  C) Peter Pumpkin Eater
  C) Toothless Wonder
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11 Responses to The Pumpkin Poll

  1. coffespaz says:

    The poll didn’t work at the other link either…so I’ll vote here.

    Personally, I like “A”, however I give “C” 2nd place for creativity!!!

  2. mjd says:

    Well, maybe the poll worked. I agree with coffespaz. My vote goes to A, and C is second place. Does C have a miniature carved white pumpkin in its mouth or is that a plastic pumpkin in its mouth?

  3. gawilli says:

    I think I voted, but just in case it didn’t take – my vote is for A – Starry Starry Night. My kids are grown and I did not get to carve a pumpkin this year! Thanks for sharing yours.

  4. Jay says:

    Well when I vote it says “page not found” or whatever. So, I go with “C”.

  5. Peggy says:

    Sorry, I tried to vote but it went a bit strange. Haunted pumpkin poll? I liked A the best.

  6. Chelle P. says:

    I realize it’s probably Shaun’s deranged idea of a pumpkin, but i LOVE Peter Pumpkin eater! Too funny!!

  7. Kell says:

    I’m with the pumpkin eater, too! I like things deranged. I’m jealous you carved pumpkins. We just ran out of time this year 🙁

  8. jswilli says:

    I think I voted too. I voted for Mr. Happy. All of them were pretty neat. Thanks for dropping by the Starbuck’s Shuffle.

  9. Lynanne says:

    I’m too late to vote but I’d have voted for them all, each for different reasons. 🙂

  10. Newt says:

    Oh, they are all awesome. Though I have to give points to the creativity of Peter Peter. Too funny.

  11. Tink says:

    Oh man, I missed the poll! These are great. I especially love the “Pumpkin Eater” and the “Toothless Wonder.” Normal pumpkins are so boring! These have so much character. 😀

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