The Surprise Party

One of KT’s friends, E, will be celebrating her 15th birthday next week. E says that she doesn’t really want a party so she is just going to have KT and their third musketeer, D, over for a sleepover.  Now KT, D and E (so you think I have enough letters going there?) pretty much have a sleepover every weekend so they don’t think this is special enough for their friend.  They have decided that E, who has a lot of things going on in her life right now, just doesn’t want to mess with planning a party.  So their solution is to give her a surprise birthday party. 

Little Miss KT has become obsessed with this idea. It haunts her every waking hour and dreams at night.  She’s checked out all sorts of party planning books from the library, made a PowerPoint presentation to send out as an invitation and has made the to do list to end all lists.  There is a shopping section, a supplies section and a do to and by who section.  The interesting thing about this is that “KT’s Mom” seems to have the longest part of this list! I have already taken the girls shopping once and will end up taking them again.  (They don’t want D’s mom to take them as she is a bit…um…too opinionated.) I seem to be lined up for making a piñata, the cake, some sort of headband, banana shaped bean bags and painting some monkeys.  I know there’s more but I don’t even want to think about it! 


This is the pinata that I am working on.  By Friday, it will look like a tiger.  (hopefully) Right now, I think it looks like an alien…we may have to change the theme

I’m not really complaining.  It’s kinda fun to be working on birthday stuff that isn’t all jammed together with other birthdays and holidays.  I also like the fact that my daughter thinks so highly of my somewhat dubious talents and wants me to share them with her.  Most important, I want to encourage her to do kind and thoughtful things for others.  I have a good kid…even if it does mean a lot of extra work for me…

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