Halloween Fun

Apparently, now that Halloween is over, the poll is no longer haunted.   “Starry Starry Night”, carved by our very own Mimi won by a landslide! Second place was the cannibalistic “Peter Pumpkin Eater”, carved by a very smug Shaun. (Funny how you figured that one out)  Bringing up third place was my “Mr. Happy” and KT’s “Toothless Wonder”.   Thank you all for playing, we thought it was fun even if the poll was haunted! 

This was a very sad Halloween for me.  Our tradition has pretty much been that Shaun stays home and hands out the candy while I walk around the neighborhood with the girls.  This year, the girls really really wanted to go by themselves.  Knowing in my heart that they really didn’t need nor want me to go with them I reluctantly snipped another one of those thin little apron strings. 

Shaun and I sat on the steps together just chatting while we waited for Trick or Treaters to come by.  It was a slow night…there just didn’t seem to be many kids out and about.  It was good to take the time to just talk.  After all, in just a couple more years it will be just us.  Sigh…

After an hour or so KT and her friends came back to the house.  They poured their bags of candy on the floor and quickly sorted them and started trading.  When they were all happy, they poured a huge bag of money out.  They had collected $63.38 for UNICEF! Not too shabby. 

Soon it was time for parents to come get kids from our house and for us to go get our  Little Mimi.  Halloween is over for another year.  Well…except for those two bags of candy begging me to snag something….

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8 Responses to Halloween Fun

  1. Coffespaz says:

    Sounds like a wonderful night. Hope it was as nice there as it was here. The moon, though only half, was out and the temperature was perfect.

  2. Kell says:

    You’re a brave mommy. It’s hard to let go of traditions when the kids start getting older. Of course, I’m the one in our family who insists on tradition. I was in college before I reluctantly let Mom put Christmas presents out before Christmas morning. *Sigh*

  3. Jay says:

    Sounds like a pretty successful Halloween.

  4. Betty says:

    Letting go is hard. Kell and Jay will tell you that I still haven’t. I just added Kell’s husband to hang onto.

  5. mjd says:

    And now you have a new tradition, sitting on the front porch handing out candy with Shaun. We actually had zero trick or treaters. We live on a dark street with only houses on one side of the street. Every year, we have fewer and fewer children comng to our door. I think that this is the first year with no trick or treaters. Maybe this is related to the hoopla about not celebrating “pagan” holiday of Halloween. I hope not, but I hear more of this every year.

  6. Newt says:

    I WISH I could have sat on my porch and chatted with the hubster. But it was only 30 here and WINDY. Very very WINDY.

    Those poor little peanuts. We had about 25 brave young’ns stop at the house.

  7. firefly8868 says:

    You create a lovely blog. It is very relaxing; I enjoy your writing style very much.

    Nice to have found you this morning.


  8. Susan says:

    We actually wern’t on the front steps. We live in a style of house called a “split level” basically you walk in the front door and go either up the stairs or down the stairs. I’ve discovered that this isn’t my favorite type of house, but it’s great for sitting on the steps waiting for little kids. Shaun, would whip open the door (if the kids were big enough) and scare the rats out of all those kids.

    Welcome Firefly!

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