Persevere and Oversome WWC

I had every intention of posting my Weekend Words as hosted by Oddmix, but my parents showed up earlier than expected.  They were supposed to slowly tool along in their RV, but instead, Dad persevered through the night and managed to overcome common sense.  Normally, this wouldn’t be such a big deal (I may have done something similar a time or two myself) but, Dad just got out of the hospital on Thursday.  He had been there sense Monday with pneumonia. 

Anyways, they are here, just in time for Mom’s birthday today.  (Happy Birthday Mama!!) She is demanding chocolate cake for dinner!  Apparently she’s gotten to the age where I have to step in, play Mom and make her eat her veggies first!

Anyways…I was originally going to write about the girls’ Black Belt testing  from a couple weeks ago.  (Sorry I didn’t write about it, I was a bit banged up and it was all I could do to attend the testing)

So…here are this weeks words Overcome and Persevere


The girls persevered through the grueling test.  Mimi sparing.


KT demonstrating her sword technique


Mimi was overcome with fatigue and took a quick well deserved rest


KT too!

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