Adventures in Roof Cleaning

I’ve always been of the “Do it yourself” persuasion.  I grew up that way.  My parents were always fixing things by themselves.  If they didn’t exactly know how to do whatever it was, well, they simply faked it.  It didn’t always end up how they had planned, but that never stopped them. Shaun, on the other hand, is from the “oh just pay someone that knows how to do it” crowd.  These two very opposing viewpoints can make life interesting at times. 

We have always had someone come clean the moss (Washington’s state plant) and leaves off the roof.  It drives me nuts to pay someone to do what we (meaning Shaun) are perfectly capable of. All we would need to do is rent a pressure washer and have the guts to climb up there.

After years of being persuaded not to, I finally decided that yesterday was the day I was going to climb up on that roof.  I waited until the girls got home so that they could call 911 just in case something happened.  I didn’t really think anything would happen, but if I listened to Shaun, people fell off the roof and broke their necks all the time. 

I had all my gear gathered and climbed up the ladder from the deck in back just as most of the workmen have done.  Once I reached the top, I gingerly made my way back down the ladder.  It was just too steep and mossy.  There was no way I was going to step off onto that. 

So, we hauled everything to the front of the house.  I easily climbed to the first layer of roof.  Then I had to haul the ladder up there so I could climb the next eight feet or so to the higher section.  As I set the ladder down, I noted that the roof was a bit slippery from moss and dead leaves.  I wiggled the ladder around and it held just fine.  So I started climbing up.  Just as I shifted my leg to swing it onto the roof, the ladder slipped and we went sliding down.  Fortunately, it stopped at the first level instead of going all the way down to the ground. I shakily pulled myself up and tried to figure out where all the blood was coming from and what that screeching noise was.  The blood was from my nose and the noise was Mimi.  She was terrified of what had happened to me.

I managed to convince Mimi that we didn’t really need to call 911 or her dad and put her to work getting me towels and ice packs.  KT took it upon herself to put away the roof cleaning stuff, clean up the blood and try to calm her baby sister.  (I had no idea how good that girl would be in an emergency)  When the bleeding slowed down enough to let me look, I found that my nose now aimed to the left.  I thought that would be a good sign that I should seek medical care. 

I called my doctor and asked if I should come in to them or head the Urgent Care or the ER.  They told me to just come on in.  The shocked look on everyone’s face prompted me to ask the girls to call their dad.  I needed a bit of back up reassurance.  X-rays showed that the bone wasn’t broken but a close look revealed that I had a deviated septum.  I had nearly torn the end of my nose off…and they weren’t quite sure how to fix it.  After contacting a specialist they just put in three stitches to hold everything in place and I will be seeing that specialist in the next day or two. 

When I finally saw my darling husband, after reassuring himself that I was alright ,one of the first things he asked me was if I had learned anything from all this.  He naturally assumed that I would accept that some jobs are best left for the professionals.  He was flabbergasted when I simply told him that I had learned that I needed to make sure the bottom part of the roof wasn’t slippery before I put the ladder up next time. 
I do love messing with that man…

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