Why Aren't I in school?

Mimi sleepily shuffled down the hall around ten yesterday morning and asked me why she wasn’t in school.  I told her that I tried to wake her up but that I was feeling really sick and fell back to sleep before she crawled out of bed.  The power of suggestion was just as strong as ever because she immediately realized how sore her throat was and started coughing.  Poor little thing was just as sick as I was.

 Then KT realized that her baby sister was finally awake and started jumping up and down crying out in a panicked voice that we had all overslept and we had to hurry and get ready for school.  Mimi just looked at her in confusion. 

KT and I really should have gotten our story straight before Mimi woke up. Then maybe she would have believed us.   It never once occurred to either of us to just be straight with her.  It’s much more entertaining to make something up.  (Does this give you an idea of the silliness that goes on in our house?)

The truth was there simply was no school yesterday.  A little niggly feeling in the back of  my head caused me to check the school district website.  The girls’ school is out in the boonies a bit and because of the Wednesday’s nasty windstorm, there was no power. And because ours was the only school in the district that was closed, we don’t have to make it up at the end of the year.  What a rare treat!

We had a day to do anything that we wanted to do.  We proved that we were nothing but a bunch of bums when we stayed in our PJ’s all day long and just did whatever we wanted.  It was a wonderful day of just piddling and some sorely needed downtime. 

I’d like to say that when  I went in to wake the girls up this morning that they jumped out of bed and were eager to get back to school.  Instead, they mostly just  wanted to know if I was sure they had school today… 

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