A Christmas To Remember

On Thursday night, as we were preparing to spend our eighth night without power, the lights came back.  And the heat…the wonderful heat!  Thanks so much to all those hardworking crews at Puget Sound Energy, as well as all the other utility crews that came pouring in from states as far away as Kansas.   We just happen to live in one of the worst hit areas and our entire system had to be rebuilt because of all the damage.   Our internet provider couldn’t come on for a few more days as they had to wait for the power workers to leave.  We got service back on Christmas Eve, but I chose to spend that time with my family.

We hurried and bustled to try to cram all of our holiday traditions into one day.  We had to put up our tree, do our baking, create a gingerbread masterpiece, listen to yet more holiday music, make a village, find our stockings, (we never did find them so we used Santa hats!)…the list goes on.  Last night the girls and I stayed up until three watching sappy holiday movies….we had to make Christmas last as long as we could.  Did I mention we had to add a trip to the doctor in there?  KT broke her toe.  Then Mimi got a black eye.  And Grandma was feeling left out so she burnt the heck out of her finger!

I’ll probably post more later and download my pictures.  I hope you’ve been having a wonderful holiday! I’m pretty sure we’ll never forget ours!

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