Fifteen Years Ago Today


When I first became pregnant with KT, I realized for the first time just how very different Shaun and I were.  He was adamant that we do everything in the most up-to-date scientific way that was possible. He knew that we would be doing every test, every procedure, we would utilize everything modern thing available…only the best for our first child.  Being the very down to earth person that I am, I had a bit of difficulty with all these invasive procedure ideas my beloved had.  (I also had a bit of a problem with how the heck we were going to pay for all this stuff.  We were still starving students at the time and had really awful insurance.)

It just so happened that I had been taking an English Comp course at the time.  So in order to prove my point, I made my thesis about childbirth.  Not only did I earn an A+ on the paper, my instructor asked if she could keep a copy of it for future use, and most importantly, I converted Shaun to my way of thinking.  We were going to find ourselves a midwife and have a home birth. 

I adored our midwife, Roberta. She had the same philosophy on life as I did and I felt very comfortable with her.  (OK, I wasn’t so keen on the whole eat-your- placenta thing she told us about, but other than that….) She very patiently explained everything to us and even showed Shaun some of the modern convenience she had at her avail.  Knowing that we would be well taken care of medically, all we had to do was wait and prepare our little nest. 

People seem to think that a pregnant woman is fair game for anything.  I had complete strangers start to rub my protruding belly.  They would predict whether I was having a boy or a girl and think nothing of asking me the most personal questions.  And worst of all they would ask the inane “Are you going to have this baby?” and “Don’t you think it’s time to pop that thing out yet?” Does anyone honestly think that a woman would keep a baby in any longer than she possibly had to?

When I finally went in to labor, I was in a bit of denial.  It was two weeks beyond my due date and I couldn’t believe that it was actually happening. To be truthful, I was pretty much convinced that I was just having some very intense Braxton-hicks because this baby was never going to come out.  I didn’t want to bother anyone, so I tried some of the relaxation techniques I had been taught, I took warm baths, I wandered about our apartment and kept trying to go back to bed.  I accidently woke Shaun up when I found myself pounding my head on him in an effort to make the pain go away.  He had no problems bothering anyone and before I knew it, my mom and our nurse were there.
Apparently, when my body decides to give birth, it pulls out all the stops.  After four hours of labor, (most of which I managed to doze through) our beautiful little KT was born. 

Happy Birthday to our  Baby Girl!

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13 Responses to Fifteen Years Ago Today

  1. Peggy says:

    Happy Birthday to dear KT. I hope that none of your birthday presents have been connected in any way to Christmas – this is a hazzard December birthday girls must face.

    Feliz Compleanos!

  2. Tink says:

    “eat-your- placenta ” I am never eating yogurt while reading your blog again!

    I love this post though. I haven’t had kids yet. So everything involving Motherhood and birth is completely and utterly fascinating (and scary) to me.

    Oh and… Happy Birthday to your lil’ girl!

  3. Gracey says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please come again! You make childbirth sound so easy. I’m scared to death to have children. I know someday I will probably have them, but the thought of giving birth just freaks me out. You sounded so brave; I wish I was more easy going like you! 🙂

  4. jay says:

    I’m so happy for you that you go to follow through on your home birth, lots of times no matter how well you plan, the baby has other ideas!You really did labour extremely well though, I bet all other mothers are always jealous to hear that story told!

  5. Susan says:

    Peggy… i’ve always been careful to keep the birthdays seperate from each other (not always easy being only two days apart)and from Chrismas. It’s way more work on my end, but having to share my birthday with a holiday I know that it can stink sometimes.

    Tink and Gracey…I hate to tell you, but having the kid is the easy part. It’s what you do with them for the next twenty years that is tough. And now that they are both teens…argh!

    two Jays! You guys confused me for a moment! Most other mothers think I’m nuts for the way I chose to have my girls. My friends were all about the pain meds.

    Thanks for the wishes for KT

  6. Kell says:

    Happy Birthday KT!

    I love this post. And that is one of the best newbaby pictures I have ever seen. And I’m so glad everything went well with a midwife. I think that’s pretty wonderful, too.

  7. oddmix says:

    Happy Birthday KT! What a great story!

  8. Freakazojd says:

    Happy birthday to KT!
    This was a beautiful thing for me to read – although I wanted to go the same route (midwife, at-home birth), there are no midwives in our area who are available for our due date. In the whole region, even, not just our city. Can you believe that?! So I guess it’s to the hospital for me. 🙁

  9. Freakazojd says:

    Almost forgot – I LOVE that photo.

  10. mjd says:

    Happy Birthday to KT. The picture of the three of you is absolutely gorgeous.

  11. Chelle P. says:

    WOW! What a great story and a beautiful photo. I’m amazed you could sleep through labour. I bet a lotta women are jealous about that one! LOL Happy Birthday, KT!

  12. gawilli says:

    I have not visited for a bit and missed this post altogether. What a magnificient photograph and remembering to go along with it. Happy Birthday to beautiful KT and birth day to mom!

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