How Weird is That?

I’ve been double tagged by both Peggy and Kell so I guess I’d better play.  I’m supposed to list six things that are weird about myself.  Hmmmm….it’s a bit harder to do than I thought it would be.  I asked my family what they thought was weird about me…interestingly they couldn’t come up with anything.  I think they were just being nice. 

1. I have noise issues.  I have very sensitive ears and too much (or any) noise tends to overwhelm me.  Shaun always says it’s a horrible twist of fate that I married such a noisy man and had such noisy children.  (all his fault)  Most people reach for their MP3 players…I reach for my ear plugs.

2. I have monkey toes.  I can and do pick up nearly anything with them.  They especially come in handy when I need to pinch Shaun with them for one reason or another. 

3. Whenever I order a mocha I request that it be made extra, extra hot.  Then I let it sit until it is cool enough to drink. Ordering a normal temp latte and being able to drink it right away just doesn’t do it for me. 

4. I can’t stand anything around my neck.  No turtlenecks, necklaces, scarves for me.  I always wear scoop or v-necks.  I’ve come to the conclusion I must have been strangled or beheaded in another life!

5. I could happily throw out the TV.  I rarely watch it, it just isn’t interesting to me…and it’s so noisy! Although if I do start to watch something, it tends to “suck me in” and I have a really hard time leaving the room.

6. Ummm…I’m thinking…I’m thinking….I don’t know how weird this is considered, but animals really like me.  I almost always have a few either on me or very near me.  In our house all the furred ones love me best.(I pretty much ignore the scaled and exoskeletoned ones.  Other people’s animals like me.  The parrot at the pet store throws her food at me.  I’m told that’s because she wants me to play catch with her and that she rarely wants to play with customers. 

7. I have a bit of a problem with following directions.  I can rebel against this in silly ways such as putting my own twist on a recipe (with mixed results) or just putting down and extra weirdness.  Tee hee.

Now I’m supposed to tag 6 people. But nearly every name I can think of has already been tagged.  If I weren’t such a rule follower I would just tag them first and not worry about if they had been tagged anyways. So…in keeping with my little rebellious streak, I’m (and the fact that everyone one I was going to tag seems to already have been tagged!) I’m not going to tag anyone.    Like Betty says…this has to stop sometime!

Neener neener

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7 Responses to How Weird is That?

  1. Lynanne says:

    I love reading these! I can relate to many of them – maybe I’m not so weird after all? LOL

  2. kell says:

    Just makes you more interesting! I enjoyed reading this, too.

  3. Chelle P. says:

    Boy, do I ever “hear” you on #1. I am very noise sensitive and wonder how on earth I’ve survived this long in an apartment (no choice, really). Can’t wait to move to a detached home and see if that makes a difference to my well-being. Mind you, B will likely bring his drum set so who’s to say? LOL

  4. Jay says:

    Ordering an “extra hot mocha” just so it can sit there and cool down is …. well …. different.

    Great answers though.

  5. gawilli says:

    Numbers 1 and 5 go together for me, I don’t care much for noise or televisions and tv turned up too loud is the pits. I would just as soon pass altogether! And I love 7!

  6. Gracey says:

    I have monkey toes too! I used to pick things up all the time when I was a kid. My husband looks at me weird when I do it in front of him. I guess I could have listed that on my weird post too.

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