The Weather Outside is Frightful

We are having yet another one of our very un-Seattle like storms.  I knew it was going to be a bad one when I heard on the car radio that most of the school districts had cancelled all afternoon activities and were sending the kids home as fast as they safely could.  The rain started hammering down with a vengeance.  The howling wind would then catch it and send it flying every which way.  We stood glued to the window in awe of what was happening outside. 

To our horror we realized that water was pouring down through the hood over the stove.  We finally determined that a particularly strong torrent had come in through the vent on our roof.  We cleaned up the mess and haven’t seen any more leakage. 

By chance, Shaun went into the garage and noticed that for the first time ever, it was flooding.  We sprang into action in the freezing to clear the debris that had accumulated right under our neighbor’s ivy.  Shaun finally managed to rig up a drainage system with the garden hose.  Nerds are good at things like that.  (If it was just me, I’d probably still be out there trying to scoop all the water away with the snow shovel and a sand bucket)

When all the calamities had been dealt with we sat staring at each other in the living room.  We had gathered up the entire flashlight and had the heat cranked up until we could barely breathe in preparation for the inevitable power outage.  Finally, Shaun couldn’t stand it any longer and said he was going for a drive.  He wanted someone to go with him, but as we all know him too well, we all refused and tried our best to dissuade him. 

He called in to let us know what was happening every ten minutes or so.  There were power line and trees down.  There was flooding everywhere along with the foolish cars that had gone around the road closed sign. (Of course Shaun was in his JEEP so he wasn’t counted in with the foolish when he went around the road signs.  Sigh…)

So Shaun came home with a water pump, a small propane heater as well as some propane to go with it, and four more flashlights.  We are all going to sleep downstairs tonight instead of our own cozy beds.  We’d rather do that then wake up to find that one of the multiple branches that keeps thudding down on the roof has decided to join us inside.  It should be an interesting night. 

And to think I really wanted to leave San Diego for some more interesting weather.  All the had was earthquakes and we get those here too! Sigh…

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7 Responses to The Weather Outside is Frightful

  1. Jay says:

    Sounds like some pretty wild weather. I hope the house holds up and no tree limbs come inside.

    When I lived in San Anonio we would have torrential rains from time to time. During tropical storm Rebecca I stood at my front door and watched all the cars wade through the deep waters on the surface streets.

    And when we had our big ice storm here in Harrison many years ago I stood in my front door and listened to the eerie sound of tree limbs falling all over the place. It was dead quiet as all power was out all over the town.

    Good luck, hope the storm lets up soon.

  2. Gracey says:

    It sounds like you are going through a hurricane. That must be one bad storm. Hope everything turns out okay and there isn’t much damage to your house.

  3. Tink says:

    Are you guys OK? Any damage? I was reading about that freak storm this morning. Weird. They said it had hurricane force winds and rain.

  4. Freakazojd says:

    Good grief! We’ve had positively balmy weather here so that just sounds so foreign right now…I’m sure we’ll be due soon enough.
    Everyone/everything ok?

  5. mjd says:

    I hope that the weather is calmer for you now. In Indiana, we are having unseasonably warm weather. That is fine with me.

  6. Kell says:

    I saw this was going on on the Weather Channel and wondered how you guys were doing. Thanks for the update. I hope for a good update soon.

  7. ashley e averett says:

    Hey! *I* went around the road closed signs. Just what are you saying? 😉

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