Double Dog Dare

I’m not really a New Year’s Resolutions kinda gal.  Well…alright, maybe I am.  It seems to be the thing to do and I sooo hate being left out of anything.  I used to think that my resolutions were very unique to myself.  Then, as I got older, I realized that they are pretty much the same as everyone else’s.  Every year I vow to eat right, get more exercise, learn to cook, get organized, and create World Peace…you know, the standard.  (OK, so, most people don’t worry about the “learn to cook part”, but I keep hoping it’ll happen!) And, just like nearly everyone else, I break them all within the first few days.  How original. 

Somewhere (and I do wish I could remember where) I came across someone that, instead of writing a list of lame resolutions, declared a theme for the year.  Now that, I can do.  I can remember one little theme and apply it to all aspects of my life.  The only hard part of this plan, was deciding on a theme. 

I considered so many themes.  Such as “The Year of Being Organized”.  (Yeah, right. That would last even less time then the no chocolate thing!) Then there was dare, persist, change and revolutionize…they all seemed so utilitarian to me. I know myself well enogh to know that I wouldn’t stick to anything like that.   I considered Play and Whimsy, but those seemed too frivolous. 

Then I started to notice that the word create started to creep up in my mind more and more often.  You can do a lot with that word.  I could create a perfect meal every night for a week.  (Umm…that may be pushing it) I could create a lovely garden and organized spaces.  The only glitch I could find in this was that the word alone wasn’t quite enough.  I’m pretty creative as it is.  (If I say so myself)  My problem is running with my creativity…with following though.  So, I simply decided that I would add the word dare

This is the year that I Dare to Create.  The year that I don’t listen to that little voice inside my head that tells me something is silly and not to bother.  The year that I dare to stretch just a little bit further than I am comfortable with and create something new. 

Now, I going to  dare you to create a theme of your own this year.  C’mon…it’s better than a little resolution.  I Double Dog Dare ya!

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