I've Been Tagged!

I’ve been tagged to by Brin to do the “6 weird things about me” thing.  .  It seems that I’m consistent with what I think is weird about myself, as all my answers were pretty much the same as they were when I did this back in December.  So…I went to the expert.  Shaun had a whole list of weird things about me.  (Like he’s one to talk!)  Now all I have to do it try to remember them!

1. I write things with my hands.  No, not in the same way that everyone else does, I don’t need pencil and paper, I use air.  Shaun will look over at me and ask what I am writing.  I have to think for a moment to figure out what it is.  Usually it’s the last thing I saw, like “yield” or “Garlic Jim’s” 

2. I talk to myself…a lot.  I also answer.  I don’t need anyone around to have a good conversation!

3. I need to have clean, smooth sheets to sleep in.  Shaun tells me that I’m the original Princess and the Pea.  I’ve been known to return sheets that have tiny bumps in them, and drag us out of bed so I can smooth the sheets out if they’ve managed to get a little wrinkle in them.   

4. I make a strange little noise when I talk to cats.  It attracts them and nobody else can figure out how to do it.  It’s got something to do with my tongue pushing air along the roof of my mouth.  I’ve tried to teach others, but…I guess it’s just my gift. 

5. Speaking of tongues…I can’t roll mine.  I’m the only one I know that can’t.  Because of all the teasing I got I learned how to turn my tongue upside down.  Boy was it a relief in high school biology class to learn that it’s a genetic thing!

6. I like to drink pop when I’m driving.  I keep a box of it in the car and drink it at whatever temperature it happens to be.  (So, in the summer it’s kinda lukewarm)  That’s pretty much the only time that I drink pop. Currently, my favorite is Jone’s Sugarfree Black Cherry.  Yum!

Now, I tag my mom, Patsy (Yes, she just started a blog, go say hello!), Rick (maybe he can do them in pictures) and Bardouble…and anyone else that wants to play!


And now it’s time for Weekend Word Challenge  the photo game that anyone can play, hosted once again by Odd Mix

This week’s words are Start and Again.  These were tough for me.  So I just went with what I start my day with again and again and again….


Hmm…I’ve never noticed that I fix my coffee to the same color as my countertop…

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10 Responses to I've Been Tagged!

  1. MarillaAnne says:

    LOL That’s too funny. Plus I’m having coffee withdrawal at the moment because I chose another drink for my caffeine today … so … hmmm maybe this is a sign that … today, I should cheat and have coffee also!

  2. Annie says:

    I started to say that I want some coffee too but then I remembered, again, that I already had three cups today. And three’s enough for anyone, don’t you think?

  3. Jay says:

    I can’t roll my r’s either. I’ve tried and tried. It’s just not gonna happen. And yes, I’m the only one I know that can’t do it.

  4. Patsy Ann says:

    well what is this tagged business? I think I am lost. It is no fair picking on me when I can’ t even edit my blog.

  5. gawilli says:

    Ditto number 3 – but I like my sheets to be cool also. I hate it when they get those tiny little fuzz balls on them, too. Ugh. I also like them to cover me all the way up to my chin. Maybe I have some sheet issues, come to think of it! Like the WWC – I think many of us are on the same page!

    I’m on my way over to Patsy’s.

  6. bardouble says:

    awwww, I have been tagged…I loved reading yours…

    We have several things in common. I talk with my hands, not only when I am talking to others, but also when I am spelling things. I also talk to my cat, and he answers back. And I talk to myself. and I too answer myself back.

    Now one difference is I can roll my tongue well. When I was in my spanish clas, I aced the rolling of the “R” parts…

    Fun, fun…I will have to think of my own strange quirks…

  7. Jay says:

    Oh come on, there’s got to be weirder stuff about you than that!!

  8. OddMix says:

    Coffee seems to be a repeating theme this week! LOL

    Glad you played!

  9. Susan says:

    MarrillaAnne and Annie – I do love my coffee. And there’s no such thing as too much…well, until you are bouncing around off the walls!

    Mom: You can handle it!

    Gawilli: Finally, someone that understands how sheets are supposed to be!

    Bardouble: I can’t wait to see what you have to say. (and stop showing off with the tongue!)

    Jay: Uh oh…I think you are on to me!

    OM: great minds think alike I guess.

  10. Tink says:

    *Open mouth* Ok… Believe it or not, I do #1 too. I didn’t realize it until a couple weeks ago though when my little brother pointed it out. “Why do you wiggle your finger like that on your leg?” I was writing the word “Justification” over and over again. It was in a sentence I was thinking about.

    I wonder what that means about us??

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