“I have a little present for you” whispered Shaun as he slipped something sparkly on my finger.  I tilted my hand back and forth as I admired the way it glinted in the light.  I sweetly thanked my beloved before I hesitantly mentioned that it seemed to be missing the center stone.  Shaun assured me that it was supposed to be that way.  It was one of those little known, yet highly valued, O rings.  He told me that it was considered quite ostentatious but that I, if anyone, could pull it off. 

I told him that he was simply being obnoxious.  To which he replied that the ring should be treasured as it once belonged to an Olympic Ox-herder.  I couldn’t help it, I had to ask if the herder’s name was Octavius.  Abruptly we seemed to be off on yet another one of our silly word games.  

I have no idea how these little games started, but we’ve been playing them for as long as I can remember.  They always start spontaneously and the rules are somehow known, but are always unspoken.  They can be about anything, but usually seem to involve rhyming.   In this instance we merely had to find a word starting with O and relate it to the ring somehow.  The more unusual the word, and the sillier the sentence, the better it is.

We went back and forth being as witty as we possibly could at that late hour.  We were finally running out of ideas and slowing down when we heard a little voice pipe up asking if the ring was an oval.  Then a different voice chimed in that it was probably an octagon.  Suddenly we were off again with a little help from our not-so-sleepy princesses.  Mimi snatched up a magazine while KT grabbed the newspaper and they both started scrounging for good words.  (Something that is always strictly forbidden in our game)  Shaun couldn’t resist grabbed a book from his bedside table.  With my chin held high, I fought valiantly to stay on the high ground, but gave in when I gleefully spotted the dictionary.  I knew, that even though it was technically cheating, that I had just triumphed. Shaun just chuckled when he saw my weapon and announced to the girls that I had just won the arms race and that they were to get back to bed. 

As we were tucking them in for the second time, Mimi asked again if the ring was an oval.  I looked at her strangely, assuming that she was trying to start another round of the game in order to put off going to bed.  It turned out that the sparkly plastic ring that Shaun had found for me was actually hers.  She had just asked about it earlier because she wanted it back.  Oh…

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