One Last Whine…

I’m pretty sure I must be boring you all to tears with all my weather whining.  (I’m getting pretty fed up with it myself!) After all, people all over the world deal with much worse situations than I’ve been dealing with.  I do, have one last little story to tell you…so please just indulge me.  Then I won’t bellyache about it anymore.

Today, some of KT’s friends came over to work on a school project.  I have no idea how they managed to get here, yet somehow, they did.  They had been working hard (in between all that laughing, joking around, listening to music, etc) when they realized they needed more pizza boxes.  (Preferably filled with pizza) to finish making their rocket. 

As the county had sanded the roads last night (actually 1:39 AM according to Mimi) and Shaun assured me that if I could back up onto the sanded road, I would be fine, I thought maybe it would be OK.  Despite the fact that I had sworn to hibernate until this was all over, I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and headed out to the Mom Mobile.  Gamely, I backed up the car and promptly got stuck in the sandy ice.  In the middle of the road.  Sideways. 

I went backwards and forward trying to free myself and move the car somewhere…anywhere.  I just wanted to cry with frustration.  It wasn’t too long before all those kids poured out of the house to see what all the racket was about.  Eager to help, they quickly ran behind the car, ready to push it free for me.  Visions of a suddenly sliding car and squashed kids flashed before my eyes.  In a panic, I screamed at them to get away from the car and to stand uphill. 

Relieved that I at least wouldn’t be responsible for flattened teens, I just sat there for a moment and pondered my plight.  One of the kids pointed down the road and I saw a huge sand truck coming up the hill.  (If only I had tried to leave five minutes later) I just knew that I was going to slide back down into him and his huge spiky snowplow.  Unaware of my dillema, he waited patiently for me to right myself (And you know he was laughing at me!)

The truck driver, realizing that I was there to stay, finally climbed down and started walking up the hill.  It took some doing, but he managed to convince me that there was no way I could make it the small distance back into the safety of my very own driveway.  He then very graciously helped me to maneuver myself around.  It really wasn’t that hard, I just didn’t know how to do it.  (Looks like I might have to go find myself a big empty parking lot)
As I drove off, I think I heard a big sigh of relief from the driver.  And I know I heard a big huge cheer from the kids.  It’s good to know they were rooting for me…or perhaps it was those pizza boxes they were rooting for.  I’m not going to ask…


I haven’t played Weekend Word Challenge, hosted by Oddmix in while.  It seemed like a good time. My mother wanted me to post some pictures though…and we don’t want to upset her.  This weeks words, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. are free and dedicated.


Our puppies love being free to wander out in the road.


KT was dedicated to making a snowman.  She really had to work at it as the snow was really ice (note the cubed body parts?) She also made it tiny.  It sits on a plate and the scarf is a bit of yarn.  I believe she named it Roberta. 


This is just a bonus shot!

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