Sad News…

Somewhere, lingering in the back of every parent’s mind is the horrifying fear that something would happen to their child.   Perhaps that they would fall down the stairs, get hit by a car, be snatched by some stranger or become deathly ill.  Thankfully, nine times out of ten, none of these ever come to pass. 

Sadly, some of these do happen to children.  It breaks my heart to tell you that my cousin’s baby, Abbie, was just recently diagnosed with leukemia.  You can read about her story here

Please think of this beautiful girl and her family.  Send healing thoughts and prayers their way.  If you care to, leave a message and let them know that a complete stranger cares. 

Now, and this is very important, go hug someone you love and let them know how much you treasure them. 

I’ve been told the link only works sometimes.  I have no idea why that would be, but the direct link is

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