The Bathtub

Every time KT came into my bedroom, she would finger a package of bath salts that I had been given.  There were about six beautifully wrapped cubes in the package.  I’m not sure if it was the gold foil  encasing them or if it was the delicate little flower prints on the overwrap that had so enchanted her.  There was just something about them called to her. 

After a few days of watching her admire the bath salts on my dresser, I finally asked her if she would like to use them.  The huge grin on her face was all the answer I needed.  It took her some time to decide which cube she wanted to use.  They were all so pretty and smelled so wonderful.  After she finally made up her mind, she spent about ten more minutes reading the instructions (she SO gets that from her dad!) and preparing her bath. When she was finally settled and had everything she needed, she stepped in, ready to relax in her wonderfully scented warm tub.  

Nearly two long minutes passed when I heard her call “Mama? Now what do I do?”
“What are you talking about?” I asked her “You just enjoy your bath”

At least thirty more long seconds trudged by before she called out for me again.  She was bored to tears! And her fingers were already starting to wrinkle up! She really, really wanted to be done with her bath get out of the tub.  

When I ffinally inished laughing, I told her that she could get out whenever she wanted.  (Like I’m going to force my child to marinate in hot, rose scented water!)  I did suggest that she take a shower and wash all that stuff off of herself first. Unless, of course, she liked the way it felt and smelled on her skin. 

Now, I completely understand where she is coming from.  I’ve never understood why anyone would want to spend so much time just laying in a tub of warm water.  There is nothing to do but lay there and possibly read (you are taking a risk with dropping the book though.)  And she’s right, your fingers and toes get all pruned up! Why would you want that?

I guess Mimi, who can and does spend hours in the bathtub, will be the one to use all the fancy bath salts.  She’s welcome to them!

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