The Long Arm of My Mom

 I haven’t had any contact with my parents since my last blog entry, but I’m pretty sure they have read it.  In fact, I’m almost positive that they read it on Wednesday at around 4:00 in the afternoon.  How can I be so confident of this?  Because that’s when it started to snow. 

It just happened that I was out on the roads collecting my children (and a couple extras) from the school.  By the time I had dropped off the extras and was ready to head home, the roads were covered with a thick layer of icy snow.  It was a snow that was strange to me.  (not that this California girl knows much about snow) The kids were all calling this stuff Styrofoam balls because that’s what it looked like.  Apparently it was also chewy.  (Not that I know this from personal experience!)

Fortunately, Shaun had called in sick and was home from work.  Well…I don’t mean that it was fortunate that he wasn’t feeling well, but rather that I was able to take the Jeep on a whim.  It was also lucky that KT had been paying attention all those times when her Daddy had hauled us off to go off-roading.  She was able to instruct me on how to get into 4 Wheel Drive.  Between that, and those big honkin’ tires we managed to get home safe and sound.  (We don’t need to bring up the fact that my hands and back ached from hanging on to the steering wheel so tightly.  Nor the fact that Mimi was a hysterical wreck!)  I’m pretty sure that the Mom Mobile would not have made it.  We most likely would have ended up joining the legions of abandoned cars along the road. 

Naturally, there was no school the next day (Nor today!)  The kids. of course, were thrilled.  That was until they realized that the hill in front of our house that becomes a wonderful sledding spot during our (formerly) rare snowfalls was a sheet of hard, bumpy ice.  So we settled in for a cozy day inside.

At least until one of Mimi’s friends called wanting her to come over and play hangout.  Already knowing that I simply wouldn’t drive her anywhere, she had come up with the brilliant idea that she would walk over to her friend’s house.  Being the over-protective parent that I am, I refused to allow her to walk the mile and a half along the icy roads filled with foolish (or perhaps desperate) drivers that were whip lashing along.  Nor was I willing to walk twice that distance to walk her there. 

We finally decided that the ice was melting enough that I would be able to drive.  (The things I do for my kids!) So we headed out and started to get in the car, only to find out that only one of the doors would open.  Apparently, the others were all frozen shut.  I turned the engine on and started to heat the inside while we set to work searching for the windows.  I realize that there is such a thing as a window scrapper, but I certainly don’t own one.  (Remember, Seattle is known for rain, not snow and ice!) We got rather inventive scrapping those windows clean.  

When we were all settled in the car, I slowly eased out to my driveway, onto the still slippery road.  No problem at all…so far, so good.  Then I tried to move forward and found to my dismay that I was stuck.  Nearly twenty minutes of effort later, I finally managed to get myself out of the road and back into my driveway. 

Guess who took a three mile walk in the snow yesterday?

Mom? Please warm us back up again.  I’m sorry I called you a troll.  And be nice to eveyone else, ‘K? 

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9 Responses to The Long Arm of My Mom

  1. mrs darling says:

    Oh my goodness! Your a better mother than I. I would have never tried to do this.

  2. Mom says:

    Ha the fun is not over with yet! When will you learn to say no! It was at 3pm that I read your blog and then I had to do some thinking. You had better get your warm blankets out! You be careful and stay home. Or do you have a death wish! love ya – all of you even those whiny girls. mom

  3. Ch3ll3 says:

    I have completely forgotten what I was going to say ’cause I’m laughing too hard at what your Mom wrote! LOL She’s obviously VERY cool.

  4. Jay says:

    Damn, your mother really is into payback huh? She has ordered a massive ice storm for this are of the country too. She needs a new hobby.

  5. bardouble29 says:

    Poor things…stay inside an snuggle up.!!!

  6. Betty says:

    Just for future reference, if you ever need to scrape the windshields again, credit cards are excellent. It will take a while, because they are small, but they don’t bend or break. But, they work.

  7. Willi says:

    Snow and ice, how nice! The midwest is known for this sort of thing, but not this year. Perhaps it due to that global warming thing that so many deny.

  8. Susan says:

    Mrs. D…I wouldn’t say I was a better mother, the word for me would be “foolhardy”!

    Mom! I knew it was you!!


    Jay, every hobby she comes up with ends up something like this one!

    Bardouble, thanks! That’s exactly what I intend to do until this all goes away. I am just so thankful that we have power.

    Betty, that’s good to know. (hopefully I’ll never get to use your hint) pencils and sticks don’t work so great.

    Willi…we are NEVER known fo this type of thing!!!

  9. pastorrick says:

    Jay, thats my Moma you are talking about and trust me you don’t want to get on her bad side ;.

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