Topless in Seattle

This weekend, Shaun took one look at the beautiful blue sky outside and announced that he was going to take the top down on the jeep and take me to Burger Master.   I just looked at him like he was nuts!  I told him that it may have appeared to be warm and sunny, but if he looked just a little bit closer, he would see the frost all over everything.  I wasn’t going anywhere without the top on.  I had just returned from Mimi’s soccer game and could verify that it was stinkin’ cold out there!

An hour or so later Shaun emerged from the computer room and asked if I was ready to go yet.  I once again told him that I didn’t want to go.  It was too cold, I had already eaten and KT needed me to help her work on her project.  I might as well have been talking to the wall.  My stubborn husband wasn’t buying any of that and I somehow found myself bundled up and off for a ride. 

I have to admit that sitting there, with the top down and the sun shining on me in the barely fifty degrees weather wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be…at least until the jeep started moving.  My Beloved just laughed and ignored my shouting to bring me back home.  He jmerely handed me his extra jacket and told me he would take the back roads instead of the freeway.  This was presumably to keep from going faster and having colder wind blow on me.  Although I’m pretty sure it was really to prolong my misery! 

We saw tons of people out and about enjoying the sun as we drove along the shore of Lake Washington. They of course, were heavily bundled against the chilly wind…and going at a much slower pace than we were. 

As always, the Burger Master was hoppin’.  In the summer time, it is filled with convertibles but at this time of year, much to Shaun’s confusion, ours was the only one open to the elements.  I was amazed that the car hop/server managed not to say anything to us.  The poor thing looked like she just to be anywhere but outside.  When Shaun had finished his burger, we drove off and found an empty parking lot so that he could take pity on me and mournfully put the top up in private.

I think it will be a few months before I let him talk me into doing that again.  At least he can say he had the top down in January!

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