Venturing Out

The girls and I were on our third day of being imprisoned by the ice on our road and we were starting to get a bad case of cabin fever.  I believe that we were close to driving Shaun nuts on his day off.  That was until he had the brilliant idea that we would all go out on an outing. 

KT, with her adventurous spirit, raced to get her shoes on and was ready in mere minutes.  I dragged my feet a bit more.  I had been watching vehicles spin their wheels and sliding back down the hill for the last couple days.  (I finally had to close the blinds as it was giving me the creeps.  Too bad I could still hear them).  I was pretty dubious about the idea of being on that road in a car.  Our Little Mimi, on the other hand, burst into tears and started screaming that she wasn’t going and there was nothing we could do to make her!

Being the controlling parents that we are, we finally managed to coax her into going.  We reminded her that the main roads were fine.  It was just the little back roads that were so icy and we would be fine.  So we all piled into the jeep and started to head out.  I held Mimi’s hand with one hand and the roll bar grip with the other. (I had to remember to only clench the grip so Mimi wouldn’t realize the extent of my terror!)

In case you haven’t realized yet, snow makes me a bit nervous.  Ice simply terrifies me.  It’s bad enough to walk on it, but, to suddenly find that you no longer have control of a moving vehicle…I can’t help but shudder at the thought. 

Shaun, on the other hand, learned to drive on the icy and curvy roads of Colorado.  He claims that nobody used chains or studded snow tires…they just learned to drive in it.  He scoffs at schools closing because of a couple inches of snow.  According to my Beloved, there had to be at least six feet! This confidence in his own driving (not to mention the fact that I do trust him) was the only reason that I had climbed into that car. 

It turned out not to be so bad and towards the end of our little outing, Mimi and I finally started to relax.  We had started to realize that perhaps we weren’t going to see our lives flashing before our eyes after all.  We may even have started to enjoy ourselves a little bit.  All too soon (well maybe not too soon), we were nearly home and ready to pull into our driveway.  Only…we slid out of control and zoomed right past it and on down the hill. 

Despite our pleading to be let out right where we were, or better yet, to just park the jeep down at the bottom of the hill, we found ourselves being propelled back up towards the driveway.  This time, Shaun  was to manuver us into it.   Of course, we just narrowly missed hitting the Mom Mobile and had to cover our eyes hoping against hope that we wouldn’t crash into the house.  Fortunately…we made it. Shaun and Kaitie were exhilarated by our little adventure.  

 Mimi and I have decided that the only thing for us to do, is to crawl into bed and hibernate until June. 



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5 Responses to Venturing Out

  1. Mom says:

    Horror beyond horror!!!!!! I know now that I have failed you Susan; I didn’t work hard enough to teach you how to say NO. You said it often enough to me when you were little that I thought that you had it down pat. You and Meghan must stand together against those sucidal people!! I hope the trip was worth the fright at the end! I’m glad that you all had such a wonderful time! Oh were are the pictures of this loving event that the snake man dragged you out on. Love mom

  2. lynanne says:

    I learned to drive on snow and ice in the upper midwest so it doesn’t bother me so much. What absolutely terrifies me aobut driving in the winter is all the bozos out there that never have driven on ice and think they can drive like it’s any other day just because they have a SUV, Jeep…whatever. Ugh.

  3. Kell says:

    My hubby put snow tires on the Miata (the little convertible) so he could do donuts in the empty parking lots. As long as the snow isn’t too deep, he said there’s no problem. Boys.

  4. gawilli says:

    My dad taught me how to drive in the ice and snow in the high school parking lot. It was very scary but probably one of the most important lessons I had. The second was watching people try to get up the hill in front of our house. It didn’t take long to figure out that if they gunned the engine they would fish-tail out of control and never make it up. All the while, those that got a good steady start could usually chug right up. I agree with Lynanne that the worst part is the other drivers you have no control over. Glad you are all safe!

  5. bardouble29 says:

    Poor thing, I hate being in ice too, and have the same reaction. Back in 1996 my family drive up to visit in laws in Marysville, Wa. We were driving in a horrible storm going throught Seattle…I finally just shut my eyes…I was terrified!!!

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