A Well Deserved Cold

Shaun has been sick all this week.  The poor baby has stayed home from work a couple days this week and has come home early on the days that he did go in.   I’ve been trying my best to give him sympathy and sooth his agony, but he simply won’t take my advice.  Everyone knows that you are supposed to get plenty of rest (not stay up all night playing WoW), drink lots of fluids, (Orange juice is always a good choice) eat chicken noodle soup (so there was a dog hair in it, no big deal!) take some over the counter meds (to relieve that achy feeling) and take cough syrup (so that I can get some sleep!).  Most important, when the pain in your face is so intense, it hurts to breath, it’s time to call the doctor to get rid of a likely sinus infection.  Yet Shaun, being the stubborn man that he is, would rather just complain.  So, I finally told him he would just have to suffer in peace and quit whining about it.  (Is that bad?)

On Friday, I started feeling bad.  My head ached, my throat was scratchy and I was developing a cough.  I mentioned my condition to Shaun, knowing that he could commiserate with me.   His reaction was…(are you ready for this?) He told me that “it wasn’t my turn yet”!  (OK now is when we do the Jerry Spinger chin bobbling thing…Oh No He Didn’t!)

Yes, it’s true, my darling spouse of nearly two decades refused to allow me to be sick.  He wasn’t done yet, and needed all the sympathy he could get! (Which, I’m sure you can imagine, was quickly decreasing)  He thought about it for a moment, then told me that he would probably start feeling better by the end of the weekend.  I could start getting sick on Sunday night!

I took some deep breaths and counted to ten (at least ten times!) before I very sweetly thanked him for letting me know when it would be a good time for me.  Then I made up my mind to get my revenge. 

The best revenge I could think of, was that I will not get sick at all.  Amazingly, I feel much better today.  (It must be all that leftover chicken soup!)   So…neener neener! 

Edit to add: Apparently, I had told Shaun it wasn’t his turn yet last time we were sick.  (I do vaguely remember saying that) He was just messing with me and I was feeling to icky to realize it!  I’m still sticking with my plan to not get sick thoough!

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7 Responses to A Well Deserved Cold

  1. Barb says:

    HAHAHA, I like your plan of not getting sick to show him!!! Men are such big babies when they are sick. They want to be coddled, but not do anything to actually get better!

  2. Betty says:

    Whenever I got sick, my husband would react by getting mad at me. I knew he just felt helpless, but it was funny.

  3. Patsy Ann says:

    Susie, this is just to funny, and you know that he was serious, even if he won’t admit it! I really hope that all of you are feeling better real soon. mom

  4. Jay says:

    When I get a cold or sinus problems like that it’s time for the NyQuil!

    Your revenge could be to to cough loudly every time you think he’s just about to fall asleep.

  5. Becca says:

    Good plan! Excellent.

  6. Jamie says:

    Men are such babies!!

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