The Valentine Bunny

As a kid, it was kinda fun to be the “Valentine Baby”.  Every adult I knew gushed about how sweet that was.   My friends were rather ambivalent about the whole two for one deal. 

When I hit my teen and young adult years, I grew to hate Valentine’s Day.  It was supposed to be my day, yet all of my girlfriends abandoned me to spend the day with their special guy.  I could understand this, yet it still hurt deeply…especially on the years that I didn’t have a special someone of my own.  (Why is there a holiday that makes so many people feel horrible for not being in a relationship??)
For years, I refused to acknowledge that there was anything more to this day than it being my birthday.  Then one day, something very special happened…the Valentine Bunny came. 

He left fancy new shirts for the girls right next to their beds, where they would be sure to see them.  Then he showed me how to magically transform the girls lunches into a festive party.  Everything in them had to be white, pink or red (or made of chocolate!) and cut into heart shape. (Ever try to cut a PB&J into a heart when you aren’t quite awake?)  Fun little trinkets were to be mysteriously added to the bag.  In return, I’d have squealing little girls excitedly telling me what the Valentine Bunny brought for them.  
Because of the Valentine Bunny, (and possibly growing up!) I once again think its fun to share my birthday with Valentine’s Day.  I hope the Valentine Bunny does something wonderful for you!



Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

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