About Those Buttons…

Although I try my best to be home when the girls get out of school, there are occasional times that they have to actually use their keys and be alone for a little while.  Today was one of those days.   When Mimi called me to let me know they were home and to see where I was she asked about the buttons.  Apparently, I had left them on the table and she wanted to know if they could play with them.  Naturally, I told her to go right ahead.

 When I arrived home about half an hour later, KT grabbed my arm and dragged me to the table.  She  wanted to show me what they  had been up to. 


Mimi had gone through and picked out her favorite buttons.  Mostly the bright, sparkly ones or the strangely shaped ones.  (yep, she’s my kid alright!)  She had put them into a separate bowl and was just admiring and playing with them. 


KT was busy sorting every button out into  it’s very own pile.  She was very upset that her sister wouldn’t help her with this very important job. 

 My buttons are still spread out on the dining room table.  They make me happy just to look at them.  And I love the fact that my girls are having nearly as much fun playing with them as I did when I was a kid.  My only concern is the reaction KT is going to have when I tell her that all the buttons are going to have to go back in the jar.  All mixed together!

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11 Responses to About Those Buttons…

  1. Patsy Ann says:

    Well, I am so glad that MY BUTTONS are being enjoyed again. I bet she won’t be any more dismayed then you were when you use to play with them and had them placed in what ever arrangement suited you at the time. mom

  2. bardouble29 says:

    When I was very young , my mom and I had a few games we played together. What a wonderful memory for both you and the girls.

  3. photowannabe says:

    That is one huge glass jar for your buttons. I’m afraid we don’t have anywhere near that amount. What a beautiful way to while away the afternoon.

  4. Jessie says:

    You know, let her take some. Then go to some thrift stores and let her buy some ugly shirts that she can steal the buttons from. Youve started something special.

  5. Annie says:

    Passing the traditions on to the next generation – that’s a beautiful thing.

  6. Jay says:

    I’m pretty sure you have a button for just about anything anyone could ever want to wear if they needed an extra button. Wow! That looks like a lot of buttons.

  7. Kell says:

    I love looking at buttons, too, but mine don’t have the same meaning as yours. I buy them with great plans to use them as adornment on something like a quilt, but they’re just so pretty to look at in the jar that I don’t want to use them.

  8. mrs darling says:

    I wish I could get a good collection of buttons going. I love them but never seem to have many around. The pics are great. Your girls have found a wonderful pastime. Hope they’re not too disappointed that they have to be all mixed up again! Poor kids.

  9. mjd says:

    Your buttons bring back some pleasant memories. I am pleased top hear that your daughters were having a good time with these old-fashioned “toys” if only for a short time.

  10. Tink says:

    My Grandma used to have a huge jar of buttons. I’d spend hours after school “sorting” them. One pile for pretty. One pile for ugly. One pile for strange. You get the picture. I pined after them for soooo long, hoping she’d give me one. I kept thinking, “What in the world would SHE need all of them for?” I understand now. 🙂

  11. Michelle says:

    I have AWESOME memories of inheriting my G’ma’s button collection. It was in an old cookie tin and had the COOLEST button evah! (I actually saw some of the same buttons in your pics) Thanks for digging up this happy memory for me. 🙂

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