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KT had to answer a bunch of essay type questions on her application to volunteer at the aquarium this summer.  Proud  the results here.  I asked KT if she minded, and she graciously gave me permission to post mama that I am, I thought would shareit.  (If nothing else, her grandparents will love to see it!)

Since I was a little baby, I have always loved animals and have grown up beside them. I have been taught to love them and treat them as equals, which I truly believe in. When my mom had her day job, my dad would take my little sister and me to Sea World, especially if it is raining. (When it is raining there is no one there and a little rain never hurt anyone!) We would get front row seats to everything, and our favorite spot was to go to the big aquarium and look at the big fish, because no one was ever there. My parents tell me it all started then (my fish obsession).

On August 26, 2005 (Which will be a year and a half ago tomorrow!) I vowed not to eat meat and to save all slaughtered animals from one more, hungry human. I haven’t accomplished it yet (I love milk too much), but one day I hope to be a vegan.

I love little kids and the way that they can open your eyes to a whole new side of life. They are so full of life, and interacting with them brings me so much pleasure.

My favorite subjects in school are science and math. I enjoy these subjects the best because there are so many ways to come to one unique answer to each problem (in math). Exploring and understanding the different studies of science is extremely interesting and really rewarding.

My dislikes list is pretty short, it includes people that don’t communicate, and sour veggies. When people don’t want to communicate, you don’t get anywhere, and it seems like a waste of time. I love to talk, so I don’t understand when others don’t. My list of sour veggies is: onions, celery, artichoke hearts, radishes and bell peppers. Most people, who like these, don’t think they are sour, but that is the only way to describe the horrid things.

One of the activities I am involved in is Martial Arts; I have been at it for 5 years now and just earned my black belt. I am involved in our local community service club. We do different drives, such as the Blanket Drive, Canned Food Drive, Pennies for Patients and the Stocking Drive. Debate Club is sort of off and on at our school, not many join, but I love to argue and this is the place to do it! Math Club is the last, we do what most would at a math club, we do math.

My hobbies and interests are pretty broad and are not including my activities. I love to make jewelry, and I got started when I received a beading set around 5 or 6 years ago. Reading is another of my favorite past times, I enjoy escaping into other worlds (I like fantasy). Cleaning is the last one, and yes, I do like to clean. I will occasionally let my room get filthy so that later I can clean it.

My animal experience is limited to my pets. My dad loves exotic pets, my mom loves furry pets and I love them all including fish. (I do have a sister, but she wasn’t really an influence on this.) We have: 2 dogs, 5 cats, 1 guinea pig, 1 bullfrog, 1 box turtle, 1 scorpion, 1 boa constrictor, 3 corn snakes, 3 types of cockroaches, 2 types of exotic stick insects, 4 tarantulas and 5 fish. (This is including my favorite fish, Gandhi-Fish, who is a Plecostomus. He was named after Gandhi, a fish we had in California who also was a Pleco, but sadly died.)

Just a bit about me and I hope this is enough to understand me and my personality!

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