It's all downhill

This weekend I was writing the date on something and realized that it was the weekend my baby brother was going to be in San Diego for a conference and meeting up with my folks.  Mimi was with me at the time and I told her where her favorite (and only!) uncle was. 

Our little Mimi jumped up and down in excitement.  She was thrilled to hear how close he was and wanted to know if he was going to head up the coast to see us as well.  When I explained to her that it was way too far and that he simply didn’t have the time, she was crestfallen.  Then she came up with the brilliant idea that we should fly down to see him.  Then she started chattering on about how excited she was to finally meet her new cousins.  

Ahhh, those beautiful baby girls…that explained a lot.  Of course Mimi adores her Uncle Ricky, but not to the extent of desperately begging to see him.  When I broke the news to Mimi that her uncle had come alone, she was outraged!  She indignantly informed
me that she had just seen him (about a year and a half ago!) and didn’t need to see him again yet! She only wanted to see the girls. 

Sorry Ricky, you’ve been replaced as the most interesting family member…it’s all downhill from here….

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