My Wayward Child

They always say that the “twos” are terrible, but I have to disagree.  The two’s were a bit frustrating but they were still cute.  There is nothing cute about a thirteen year old having a hissy fit.  Sigh…

Mimi is a lot like I am.  We both have to be handled carefully if you want us to do your bidding.  Knowing this, I’ve always managed to ask Mimi in just the right way to do whatever it is I needed to do.  Lately though, she’s been balking.  The words “whatever”, “no!” and “you can’t make me” have been coming out of her mouth more and more often.  Needless to say, these words (and the attitude that comes with them) are simply not acceptable. 

Now, I’m pretty good at creative punishments.  They are usually highly effective as they almost always manage to hit home.  With this new rotten being a teen business, nothing seems to be working.  Mimi just takes whatever I dish out to her and acts as though it doesn’t matter one whit to her. 

I think I’ve finally hit upon something that will make her rethink her actions and behave more appropriately.  Chores.  Yep, when she smart-mouths or back-talks, I tell her to go pick up twenty-seven things in her room and then to go do as she was asked.  If she gives me any grief, I simply add a few more things for her to do.  This evening she was counting beads that had been flung across the room.  It didn’t take her too long to get to one hundred items.  

In the course of one evening, my wayward child has become so much more pleasant. It’s pretty amazing how well this has worked.  I only wish I had thought of doing it sooner!

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