SPF Buttons

Kristine from Random and Odd has revamped and resurrected the SPF, and I thought I might start playing. again.  This week’s theme is the word button.  I immediately thought of a game my mom used to play with us when we were kids.  We would stay in a different room while she would hide a tiny button for us.  Then we would come out eagerly searching for the button.  Of course, before we were allowed to look we had to recite the saying “button, button, who’s got the button?” 


Then of course, there were my mother’s buttons.  She gleaned them from old clothing and stung them together on threads.  There were found buttons and buttons that were left over from sewing projects.  I loved nothing more than sorting through her buttons.  These ones were from my grandpa’s work shirts, this one was from an old sweater.  Of course the very best ones were the diamonds! (I’ve always had a thing for glittery stuff!) 

These beautiful buttons (which I’m noticing are looking a bit worse for wear) were kept in a tin box that I considered a treasure chest.  I’m not exactly sure what happened to the box, although I’m pretty sure it had something to do with an aunt of mine.  I now have the beautiful button collection.  I keep it in a big glass jar in my little studio.  Whenever I look at it, for some reason it gives me warm thoughts of my grandmother.  (maybe they were her buttons to start with?) 

I just know that I like buttons…

Just a note: This is a game anyone can play.  So go snap a photo of your favorite button and then tell me you did it!

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