A Fate Worse Than Death…Part 2

As much as I would love to travel the countryside to view the shopping mall shrines dedicated to my memory…I guess I should just end the cliff hanger.   I didn’t mean to drop off like that…we just had a busy weekend.

Anyway…I almost hate to say this, but the mall really wasn’t that bad.  (Gasp!)  We arrived there and had a quick little chat to set up our rendezvous time and spot in a couple hours.  The gaggle of girls went one way, KT and her friend went the other.  The birthday girl’s mother, A and I were left to stare at each other in the sudden quiet.  

With a burst of inspiration, A suggested we head over to the nearby Starbucks and grab ourselves some coffee.  Armed with my soy latte (you’re right Stephanie…Heaven!) we settled down on a fountain bench and got to know each other.  Once we got chatting, it seemed as if we had known each other for years. 

We had to pause briefly to go meet up with the girls and see the movie.  Naturally, we sat as far from the girls as we possibly could.  (Even then I think we still managed to embarrass them with our giggling over the movie!) Afterwards we settled ourselves in front of the huge fireplace (Yes, inside the mall!)  and chatted some more. 

We didn’t pay any attention to the fact that we were surrounded by shops galore and people wandering by.  The mall was redone a year or so ago and it really is nice.  It seems very well laid out, spacious and even…sunny. (On our grey, grey days!)  There are tons of places to just sit and relax with a feeling of privacy.  The girls felt very independent and had loads of fun, and so did the grown ups.

All in all…it was a good day.  (Sorry for all of those out there hoping for a horror story….)

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