Cake Making Adventures

On Friday, Mimi came home from school all excited about plans she and her friends had made to celebrate another one of their friend’s birthday.  One was going to bring flowers, another one balloons and so on.  Mimi had volunteered to bring a cake.  Not a cupcakes, a cake.

Of course, we forgot all about this great plan until this evening when our Mimi suddenly remembered her plans.  I told her to go ahead and grab a cake mix out of the cupboard and get to work.  (she had already informed me that this was her project and she didn’t need any help)  Without even going to the kitchen, Mimi asked if I could take her to the store as we didn’t have the right kind of cake mix.  I just looked at her a moment before asking her what she was talking about as I knew we had cake mix.

It seemed that her friend didn’t like chocolate cake. (Obviously she needs to find a more sophisticated friend)  My well trained child knows that the only kind of cake mix I ever buy is chocolate…after all, why bother eating cake if it isn’t full of heavenly cocoa?  Well…we do make a small exception for my dad…he thinks a birthday cake should be spice cake.  Blech!  We compromise and make him a carrot cake.  But that has to be made from scratch as the boxed stuff is nasty.  Oh, and as my mother noted we bought Shaun a key lime pie for his birthday.   But I digress…

We zipped to the store, bought Mimi her cake mix and let her do her thing all on her own.  (I’m feeling a little guilt here.  I  realize I should be teaching her how to bake from scratch, not a box…but all the fun is in the decorating so why waste time?!)  We could hear her clanking things together in the kitchen as she went about her task.  Suddenly all noise stopped.  Then she wanted to know if she could ask me a question.

Mimi: Does cake mix rise?

Me: Ummm….yes….

Mimi: Oh SHOOT!

Apparently, she had filled the baking pan all the way to the tippy top.  It was a struggle for me  to stay seated and not rush to rescue my baby as I craned my neck to watch her use a soup ladle to remove a good portion of the mix from the pan.

Eventually she got it all figured out all on her own and popped it in the oven.  I did get to coach her a little bit on what a cake should look like when it was done.  But that was all the help she needed (or even wanted) Our girl was quite proud of herself…until she realized that  she had forgotten to grease one of the pans…

The birthday cake is just not going to be quite as tall as it was going to be originally.  I’m very proud of her and I’m sure her friend will love it.  Even if it isn’t chocolate….

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