Messing With Teens

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I’ve always heard the myth about how horrible teenagers are.  The stories about how the sweet little darlings that once insisted that we joyfully skip down the sidewalk bellowing out a song together at the top of our lungs would disappear.  We heard the tales that teens would suddenly rather be stuck by lightening then be seen within fifty feet of their parents. Of course, we knew this was pure nonsense.  Our angels would always adore us. 

This has always been true with our eldest.  KT is still a sweet good-natured girl that actually likes hanging out with us.  She has always been the envy of…oh everyone we know.  We just accepted her behavior as normal…all those other parents just had to be doing something wrong.  We had no idea that she was actually a mutant. 

Our Little Mimi, on the other hand, has always marched to her own beat.  Never in my life have I seen such a willful child. (I’m pretty sure this came from her father!)  Oddly enough, as much as it exasperates us, her very strong personality endears her to us the most.  Mimi knows deep in her core that she is always right.  She is more than willing to argue with anyone who dares disagree with her. Sigh…usually this is me….

Fortunately, I am quick on my feet and highly inventive.  I’ve become quite adept over the years at “coming in the back door” as I call it.  Making my child believe that something she would never want to do was all her idea in the first place has become quite the enjoyable challenge.

Despite the fact that she is barely thirteen, Mimi has been showing signs that she is truly a teen.  Sadly, it has become quite apparent that my mere existence is embarrassing.   I have to admit that this really hurt my feelings at first.  But then I got over it and decided this could be a fun thing. 

Yesterday we were at the drive-through window picking up a quick lunch.  I chatted with the young man at the window as he took my money.  As he left to go collect our items I caught sight of my daughter sinking in to the passenger seat.  “Mooooommmm…do you have to talk so loud?” she asked.

“What are you talking about?” I asked her.  I had been talking in a normal tone of voice…same as I always do.

“You are Way. Too. Loud” she scolded with all the distain she could muster. 

Here we go again, I thought to myself as I assured Mimi that I would try to speak more quietly in the future.  I’m sure she was a bit startled that I had mollified her so readily.  Perhaps she didn’t trust me…or perhaps she just knows me too well.  Regardless, I of course I kept my word. 

The young man quickly came back with our food. As I accepted the bag, I sweetly smiled and I politely thanked him.  In a highly exaggerated stage whisper

I couldn’t quite contain my grin as I watched my mortified child melt into the seat…


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