Jeffrey's Back!

One sure way of having some lurkers come out of the woodwork is to stop writing for a few days almost a week.  It’s kinda fun getting emails and phone calls from friends and family that keep tabs on us via my blog.  To my amazement, the person that pestered me the most posting an entry was my very own Shaun.  He has always been my number one fan.  Every time he comes home from work, and right before we go to bed, he asks me if I’ve blogged yet.  I finally had to ask him why he wanted to read me so badly when he has me to tell him everything that goes on.  He replied that it was so much more interesting in blog form.  Um…thanks…I think…

Despite all of Shaun’s suggestion about what to write about, I’ve just felt out of sorts this past week and couldn’t think of anything to write.  I finally confessed to my beloved that my muse had left me.  He just looked at me in shock and informed me that girls don’t have muses….only men had them. 

“What?” I asked him dumbfounded.

“It’s true” he replied.  “The Greek Gods put the Nine Muses to work inspiring the great works of men”. 

Taking a deep breath, I asked him who inspired the women.  The foolish man I married once again ignored the glare in my eyes and cavalierly informed me that  women didn’t need a muse as their sole purpose on earth was to…

All of a sudden Shaun realized his folly and broke off before he fully entered the dog house.  Then I haughtily informed him that I had my own personal muse named Jeffrey.   He was quite handsome and very inspiring.  

“Oh? And where is this Jeffrey now? Shaun asked with just a tinge of jealousy in his voice. 

Sigh…I told him that I had last seen him all shriveled up at the bottom of the stairs squished under the pile of neatly lined up shoes.  Poor Jeffrey…I guess it’s time to get out my watering can and re-hydrate him…  

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