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When I got my baby camera nearly a month ago, I was thrilled beyond belief.  I had finally started to master vaguely comprehend the Beast, yet I had been longing for something tiny and simple that I could just carry in my pocket and not worry about.

The Baby was the perfect answer.  That was until I had it for a day or two.  (kinda like real babies!) The cute and tiny part was a given.  The simple part…well… not so simple.  Failing to just figure it out using the menus wasn’t working for me.  So, I did what I always do, I went to my own personal Tech Support, I asked Shaun to help me.  Amazingly, even his highly logical and technical mind couldn’t figure it out.  In exasperation, I took to carrying the poorly written manual around with me and studying it during any spare moments.  Getting a nice photo was pure luck.  Managing to reformat the flash card was a huge victory, despite the fact that I knew I would never be able to duplicate that feat again.  Seriously, I would just keep taking pictures and only download the pictures I hadn’t already downloaded and left the rest there.  I don’t think I’ve ever filled a card before.

This afternoon I was muttering about the little fake click sound the camera makes when I take a picture.  (The Beast can click because it has a shutter, the Baby does not, therefore  it shouldn’t click.)  I knew there was a way to turn that awful noise off, only I just couldn’t find it.

KT happened to be standing near me, watching me start to tear my hair out.  She finally decided to take pity on her mother.  (I think she was concerned with how she was going to get to the library) She asked if I wanted her to try to figure it out.   In frustration I gladly handed the Baby over and told her to go ahead and give it a shot.

Five minutes later, not only had my little girl figured out how to make the noise go away, she had also found two other sounds that could replace the click. (not that I wanted one) She had also figured out the entire menu system that I had struggled over for so long.

I always knew that child was a genius…I guess I know who to go to for Tech Support from now on…

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