A Sally Field Kinda Day

Last night Shaun came bounding up the stairs to tell me that he had just sent me an email.  He was very excited and wanted to watch me click on it.  Being the indulgent obedient wife that I am I checked my email…and was distracted by a different email.  I had just been informed that I was a “WordPress Best Blogger”!  I tried to share this with Shaun, but he was insistent that I look at what he had sent me.  Normally I would be very excited that my sweet husband had cleverly managed to record AI and get it on my laptop (our recorder thingy is broken and I forgot to watch it in real time) but this was WAY exciting! 

So, I watched the whole two hours of  AI (mainly because I couldn’t figure out how to make it go away) wondering what exactly the Best Blog thing was. (Can you even imagine the agony???) 

When I finally got to see the little blurb about me (Thank you Tylor!)  all I wanted to do was bask in my glory.  Shaun, being the only person still awake on the west coast was to be my bask-ee…only he didn’t want to listen to me prattle on.  For some strange reason, he thought it would be much more fun to mess with me.  (imagine that!) At one point he told me that I may be famous now, but I still wasn’t as famous as he was.  (I hate to admit it, but it’s true…in certain nerdy circles he’s fairly well known)  In exasperation I finally blurted out that he was just jealous of my new-found fame! 

Instead of feeling chagrined, my beloved burst into peals of  laughter.  When he finally managed to catch his breath, he told me that I had reminded him of the “Special Award” that gets broken  in A Christmas Story.   Father yells that Mother “was always jealous” of that lamp…

Sigh…I never thought that I would empathize with Father about the loss of his ugly lamp…


AND, I’ve been awarded the Thinking Blogger Award by It’s a Wonderful Life! (Boy do I have her fooled!)


Now I have to think some more about who I should award this too.  I don’t know how I’ll ever narrow my list down….

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