A Tale of Peter Rabbit

You’d think that by a certain age, children would be ready to give up such traditions as the Easter Bunny.  But apparently not in our family.  When the subject of allowing Peter Rabbit to perhaps save time to visit younger children by skipping over our house was broached, it was met with instant mayhem.  I have to admit that I completely understand the not wanting to let go of such traditions.  I still remember the thrill of having found a basket outside the front door of my first apartment!

So, Saturday night was spent dying eggs.  The eggs weren’t nearly as multi-colored as they would have been a few years ago. 


And they all had hats.  Apparently that is the new fashion for the well dressed egg.  Who knew?  Personally, I found them to all look a bit like Santa’s Helpers…


Easter Morning arrived and our little Mimi crawled into bed with me and told me all about what she had found beside her bed when she woke up.  Mimi has been doing this every year since she first learned to talk.  I, of course, am always delighted to hear about the riches she had found.  Finally,  Shaun and I managed to drag ourselves out of bed in preparation for the big Egg Hunt.  (Thankfully that pesky rabbit didn’t do the whole annoying traditional yarn maze thing again this year.) 

When we started off the hunt, we could tell that it was going to be a little more competitive this year.  When KT grabbed an egg that Mimi felt should have been hers, Mimi had a meltdown and ran off to her room in tears.  (I’ve noticed that she seems to do that an awful lot lately)  KT, being no fool, continued to cheerfully collect eggs.  By the time Mimi decided to rejoin us, KT had found all she could and was happily sorting the treasures inside the plastic eggs.  (The child sorts everything).

When Mimi started going through her eggs, it was discovered that one of her treasures was much better than any KT had found despite her quantity.  This set KT into a bit of a whine.  Sigh…we never had to deal with hormonal mood swings when the girls were tiny.

 I’m happy to report that the girls were once again on their usual good behavior when we arrived at our friend’s house later on for dinner and another egg hunt.  The girls were great about helping the little kids search for eggs.  Both of them chose to not hunt for any eggs for themselves  although they had been urged to by our hosts. 

That later behavior (and the fact that I the Easter Bunny has a full year to forget the early morning chaos) will most likely ensure a visit from Peter Rabbit next year.  Besides, I love being woke up by a sweet little girl excitedly telling me all about her wonderful basket…

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16 Responses to A Tale of Peter Rabbit

  1. gawilli says:

    Sounds like your Easter celebration was outstanding! I missed dyeing eggs this year and making baskets. I liked it that you had a basket outside the door of your first apartment. What a nice idea. You’ve got some neat kids there.

  2. Lynne says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely Easter! I haven’t dyed eggs in many years. I should though; why the heck not? Next year …

    I haven’t forgotten that I begged to be interviewed, I promise to answer your questions in the next few days!

  3. Jay says:

    The Easter Bunny didn’t make a visit here this year. I guess he was just too worn out from his busy schedule.

  4. Patsy Ann says:

    Good Morning, Easter Sweetheart, You still remember that basket on your door step! Aren’t you the lucky one! I am so glad that you can’t catch the easter bunny and so he will keep traveling to your house as long as those girls are any where near you. Remember what I have told you about little acts of love build great memories. love ya

  5. pastorrick says:

    I don’t remember getting any easter baskets at my first apartment. I knew it, they love you more than me! It’s alright though because I get the house.

  6. pink ginger says:

    very creative work. Am sure you had a great easter holiday.

  7. Gracey says:

    My husband wanted an Easter basket! Can you imagine that? An Army Captain about to go off to war wanting an Easter basket….of course, I knew what he wanted…chocolate!! 🙂

  8. Jocelyn says:

    Hats! We have missed out and are most unfashionable at our house…

    What a sweet day for you all (despite the conflict over goodies–that’s kids for you, eh?)

  9. MoJoKat says:

    I loved the pic of the egg….cool! We are a little belated on our egg dying, as we are going to do that this afternon…only to follow up directly with cracking and peeling the eggs in order to make the traditional after Easter Egg salad sammiches! We just ran out of time this weekend to color them. We were able to bake and frost cupcakes, though, so there was some holiday related decorating going on…phew!

    I’m glad that you had a nice Easter with your family…what is a holiday without family arguments, after all!

  10. Susan says:

    Gawilli~We did have a lot of fun. My mom was pretty great about keeping holidays fun. Sadly, I didn’t get my own basket this year.

    Lynne~Yep, I’m still waiting. You should do eggs next year!

    Jay~I think he was too busy dodging golf balls…

    Patsy~ of course I still remember! I was so amazed!

    Ricky~Haven’t you figured out YET that I’m the favorite??? And obviously you haven’t seen the new will yet….

    Pink Ginger~thanks…we do try to keep up with the latest egg fashions. 🙂

    Gracey~of course he did! I hope the Easter Bunny spoiled him with one. We actually decorated eggs on our honeymoon! I can’t even imagine what the maid thought about our gift of raw eggs we left behind. 🙂

    Jocelyn~there’s always next year. Try to keep ahead of the fashion trends and you’ll do well. tee hee

    Kat~egg salad it the perfect thing to do with all those eggs you wouldn’t normally have cooked 🙂

  11. Kell says:

    This was the first year in a long time that I didn’t color eggs. I usually end up doing it by myself, but I have a good time when I do. Plus, I love the egg salad later. I just seemed to run out of time.

    It looks like you guys had a great time, and I love your photos.

  12. rindy says:

    I have always colored eggs, hid plastic eggs filled with snacks, and hid Easter baskets for my guys. This year, as all are “beyond” the Easter bunny, thought I would skip hiding and coloring the eggs….they were crushed. I found out how much they had missed it just in time to really hide their baskets very creatively…next year another the egg hunt comes back!

  13. Dorky Dad says:

    This is what I love about adulthood. I don’t worry at all about somebody giving me Easter candy. I just go buy it. Or, as I do now, I eat my son’s. Mmmm … Excuse me now while I raid the extra Easter candy.

  14. Peggy says:

    This was the first Easter that eggs weren’t boiled and dyed. Nobody but me was into it. I guess it’s a good thing because I’m the only one in the house that will eat a boiled egg. Having said that, the easter egg dye is still in the pantry . . . . I guess I have to wait for grandchildren.

  15. Susan says:

    Kell~someday I want to try…the Polish way of doing it with was and such, the name escapes me. And that’s something I’m sure I’ll *want* to do by myself.

    Hi Rindy~I guess kids still want to keep the little tradions as long as they possibly can.

    Dorky Dad~ You can’t buy your own candy, what’s the fun in that?

    Peggy~Yeah, but you found out that you have the real Easter Bunny…

  16. Tink says:

    So what does Peter put into your eggs? Ours were always filled with candy or spare change. 🙂

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