Bright Sun Shiny Day

My eldest daughter still hasn’t quite forgiven us for moving away from the hot sunny beaches of Southern California to the often gray and rainy Pacific Northwest.  For some reason, she doesn’t delight in the towering evergreens and the cooler temperatures of our home.  Despite the fact that she has lived two thirds of her life in the Seattle area, she still desperately misses the sun. 

This could explain why my child was bouncing off the walls with cheerfulness this morning.  She could already tell that it was going to be the second warm sunny day in a row.  I had barely started to open my sleep crusted eyes when she started belting out every song about the sun that she could think of.  (Trust me there are way too many of them.)

She finally left for school and I started rummaging through my drawers to find something cool to wear.  I finally came up with a skirt that had been shoved into the back of my closet.  It was perfect for this sunny day.  Well, that was until I looked in the full length mirror and noticed that my pasty white legs seemed to be covered with a thin layer of fur.  Sigh…apparently it was time for me to shave them. 

Squinting my eyes to keep out the brightness, I tried in vain to quiet the dogs who felt that they had to defend our home from all the savage sun reflections that had invaded it.  They yipped and growled out warnings to the foolish cats that were basking in the golden spots of sunlight.  Obviously, the contented cats had no idea what danger they were in. 

I finally gave up on soothing our fierce guard dogs and headed out to the car.  In the bright sunlight, I couldn’t help but notice how many weeds had spouted seemingly overnight.  It’s possible that they had already been there, and I just hadn’t seen them in our normal grey light.  I prefer, however,  to think that the sun has just coaxed them out of the ground rather abruptly. 

When I got to my car, I was in shock.  When it’s not wet, it seems to be the color of…well…um…of dirt.   Yep, that pesky sun really shows off exactly how filthy my car actually is.  I frantically grabbed a pair of sunglasses (did you know that WA has the highest per capital purchases of sunglasses?)  to help mask the dirt. 

Sigh…I can already tell that it’s going to be a long day…

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